Jan 2009

10 Funniest Advertisements / Commercials

Posted by: Wendy
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While I was browsing around in YouTube this afternoon, I stumbled upon quite a number of funny advertisements cytotec from various countries. The sad thing is that most of them never had a chance to be aired because of the explicit or PG-13 content.

Here are the 10 videos which cracked me up… Enjoy! :lol:

Video 1
Heads turned as a sexy girl walked past…
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Video 2
There is always a way to put your talent to full use ;)

Video 3
Love kids and planning to have half a dozen of them? After watching this you might change your mind.
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Video 4
Probably the most touching love story ever..which involves lizards and cracked ceiling.

Video 5
When you have too much to drink..

Video 6
Those who are self-employed, having a webcam on your laptop might not necessarily be a good thing.

Video 7
How to tame wild animals

Video 8
Be bilingual, you never know when you are going to need it…

Video online kamagra 9
There is another type purchase propecia online of bank you do not want to be stealing from…

Video 10
A truly amazing performance by the Japanese.
buy amoxicillin generic rel=”shadowbox;width=425;height=344″ href=”http://www.youtube.com/v/TjfTM90DhAg”>Japanese Human Art

If you have seen some others which are hilarious, do post the links to them here :D



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  1. They’re brilliant! I love them all XD

    My favorite is:

    It’s in Romanian so read the description on the right. :)


  2. Oh my goodness at number 9. They were all hilarious!


  3. ROFL, I love hilarious commercials. Thanks for sharing!

    These are all quite funny, too: http://www.cracked.com/article_15768_as-seen-on-tv-10-most-laughably-misleading-ads.html


  4. Ok I feel the need to comment on each of these, forgive me!

    #1- I remember seeing this a long time ago, it’s kinda funny but ehh I didn’t really like it for some reason.

    #2- That poor guy.. I am so glad he found his calling later in life! LOL

    #3- If that were Mason, the second he yelled at me, he would have been in my hands, walking outside and receiving a swift pat to his bottom. If he continued to scream he would then be sat in the car with me, we would go nowhere until he stopped. You cannot let your kids act like that or they will do it for the rest of their lives.

    #4- That was.. SO.. sad but so.. FUNNY.. I think it’s my favorite one of these!!

    #5- OMG, that was horrible.. I don’t think it’s funny to womens!! :o

    #6- *is speechless*

    #7- CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! That was SO CUTE!

    #8- OMG that made me LOL so hard!!! A fish barking!!

    #9- OH MY GOD GROSS!!!!!!!!!!! ahahaha

    #10- Holy moly.. that was probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen!!! That ROCKED!!

    Thanks for sharing, sorry for the long comment.. XD


  5. cant see in office. tube blocked. later go see at home


  6. Some of these things are soooo hilarious, I can’t believe that people can think of these. Hhahaa


  7. That first one’s great. The power of illusion lol. Number three’s got a good concept, and the content’s perhaps just extreme enough to warrant it. 9 is just eww.


  8. Nice finding…. keep up the DESIGN alive. Cheers!!



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