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Welcome to the Rin-Wendy.com, our humble little pocket of space in the web.


Care to give some introductions of yourselves?

Hmm, I’m Rin (as expected lolx). 28years old, married to a lovely wife… And trying to start up my own freelancing career.
I’m the so-called lovely wife. Though there are times when I am not so lovely. In fact, at times I think I can be a real devil. Though I keep my horns pretty well-hidden :p
Yeah she is very naughty at times lolx. Never self intro somemore. She’s currently 25, 3 years younger than me.
A woman’s age is supposed to be a secret ma.
Nuuuu *runs away to hide*


Eh, wait….. Anyway, how you both get to know each other?

Our first point of contact in a music thread over at sgforums. The title of the song I posted is called by David Tao.
Wendy she replied to me as she liked the song at that time too. It’s an emotional song as both of us had some relationship problems back then.
A few days after that enounter (we didn’t talk much then), one of the forumities added me to his msn group chat. That’s when I got to know her msn lolx.
I think it helps that I have just uploaded one of my cutest pics back then. I still think it is the cutest now. Too bad now I dun look like dat anymore =(
Of course it helps hehe. *Rin just got playfully hit by Wendy when he types this lolx* Yeah and it continues from there, all the msn~ing, talking over skype phone and finally I picked up the courage to pop the question. :3


So you both met at an online forum. When did you both meet up face to face? I’m interested to know what’s the first reaction.

First impression is the big plastic bag he was holding, which I later found out to contain 1000 cranes which he made himself. Tip to guys who are in the midst of chasing after girls: this strategy has a 99.234% of succeeding. Provided the girl didn’t hate you in the first place and appreciates your efforts.
First date hmm…. All I remember was I was very nervous during then. I was practically shaking when I first met Wendy lolx. And it didn’t really help when the 1k cranes gave out a ‘ringing’ sound as I attached bells to the ends of crane strands.
Oh and another thing. She mentioned that one of her goals for that date is to successfully hold hands. I almost blanked out back then, too naive and conservative lolx.
Until now, we still remember when I first, err, grabbed hold of his hand. Anyway, after that we walked around the Esplanade area, took some pictures and before we knew it, it was time for me to head home. It was an unforgettable day for me.


So, how do you know he/she is the one for you?

For me, it is because I have always felt comfortable around him…I feel like I can be myself and still be accepted. I know this sounds corny but I can envision myself growing old with him…he’s the first guy who is able to make me feel this way.


I just felt… she is the one that I can tickle for at least 50years more bwahahahaha. And I can’t envision my life without her.


I’m sure everyone is interested in the proposal. Care to tell us about it?

Hmm the starting part of it isn’t really very good in my opinion lolx. I told her that I can’t send her back home during one of the dinner dates. (Want to rush over to buy the rock before the shop closes) She took it wrong and went into the emotional state… haiz.
After I bought the ring, I hid it in my work file (those which have metal rings in the middle) and asked her to help me look for some client information lolx. Hehe the ring is attached on the metal rings is at the specific page which I asked her to turn to. Instead of the client information, it has the line “Dear, your first claw.” written with an arrow pointing towards the ring. Then I knelt down and asked the question.
So obviously I accepted. I am the happy owner of two ‘claws’ now: my beloved proposal ring and also my wedding band.


So when’s the banquet? Am I invited? I wanna pao ang pow leh!

That’s what this blog is for right? :3 We are saving up for the banquet. Additional details and happenings will be ‘documented’ in our posts.
Yup, this blog is to detail our preparations regarding the upcoming plans for the future. Besides that, you will also be treated to the occasional rantings, kpkb~ing or sometimes just observations (aka gossips) about others.

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