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  1. Great Blog design.. Can i do it..? Twin post in a page.. wow, amazing..!! Bagaimana cara buatnya?


  2. For Rin’s information, “Bagainmana cara buatnya” means:

    How did you do it?

    I am a Malaysian so I can understand BM, but hubby is a Singaporean so mite not…so help him translate =P


  3. Wow lovely design! The layout reminds me of a blog I’ve read before, one column was ‘He says’ and the other was ‘She says’. But they weren’t married or engaged or in a relationship – they were siblings if I’m not wrong ;)

    Isn’t it one of the coolest thing to have your hubby design a blog which both of you share? That’s really very sweet of him.

    I read a little about the authors of this blog *sniggers* I hope you don’t mind! Just a little curious when Rin dropped a comment over at my blog. I’m surprised to know that you’re currently undergoing training in NIE. Guess what, I’m studying in NTU. What a small world, heh.

    Take care, and all the happiness to both of you!


  4. Awesome stuff rin, love the simplicity of the colors. Thanks to you even in india i am looking at packaging and their designs. Great stuff mate. All the best.


  5. Hi Rin and Wendy,

    Congratulations to both of you for finding each other and tying the knot.


  6. this is the first time i seen a double blog like this abit like seeing boys and girls toliet in school =.=….

    i’ll be waiting for ya wedding dinner =.=


  7. Haha…Rin apparently first got the idea for this site by looking at a toilet sign :D


  8. OMG, I am amazed by those origami…. its soooo nice…. love the fake cake, the roses…. basically all …. nice nice. keep it up!!!


  9. Holaa !! The Idea of having “Double Blog” is very interesting. ^^ haha…. but the Backdrop is kinda of “Baby”… hahaha…. plan to come out in a new kind of version ??

    mi ng ya ng

  10. Great site. Appreciate the two different sections on boy/gal. Great idea and very well implemented. Cool.


  11. Heya RinRin its actually ALKY from ROWorld :P stumbled upon your site while looking at my msn name and I love the concept! Definitely looks like one interesting blog to look through. I’m currently working on my website and hope to implement phase 2 next month (: Nice to see you around again and to your wife. All the best and keep up the great work!

    Mike “ALKY” L

  12. Hi, am looking for a template like this. For me and my wife. hope you can help me a lot. plz send me a quote ASAP.




  13. Wow,your blog so beautiful,,,,

    you are so good


  14. Hi Rin and Wendy,

    totally love your blog design! double post is a cool idea.
    anyway u mind telling me how to do it or pass me the template for it?

    thanks alot! =)


  15. hey wendy n rin!! i totally love this blog.. mind sendin the template w/o ur names on it cause i have been looking for it. it will be deeply appreciately if i could have this for both my bf n me!!! =)



  16. @joanne: Thanks for the compliments :) Unfortunately, we are not releasing the theme for download at the moment. We may do so in the future and we do, we will definitely inform the visitors here :)


  17. beatiful…….i believe more big web will use this style blog (photography design )


  18. You guys are awesome and you know what? I truly wanted to see your pics, but in somehow I completely forgot about the gallery section.
    Are you guys OK if I use the idea? Not the template or copy-cat, but I guess I can follow the trend here. I just don’t like my wife been on Hi5 so I am working on this Dulcitude thing for both of us. Any recommendation will be appreciated.
    Thanks guys and great blog.


  19. Hi Tour,

    We are flattered that you would like to use the same concept :) Feel free to do so as long as it is credited…we don’t mind as long as it is not blatant copying :)


  20. hi~ i’am at shanghai~
    this wordpress themes is very nice
    can you seng me ? please~~~~
    i like this style
    it’s very nice
    so my wife like it too


  21. Many of you concerned about the site, very beautiful, can be shared by reference would be enough.


  22. Thanks the author!


  23. nice layout, it didnt occur to me that it’s a local site until the language. hahaha.. happie marriage! :D


  24. beautiful theme
    merry christmas!


  25. hi,i am come from China.i want to make friend to you.learning Chinese and English.


  26. Wen Yen!!! Muahahhaha… now I can write incriminating stories about you for all the world to see! Nah, I love you too much to do that. Anyways, enjoy the birthday and the last couple of days of 2008!!!


  27. 谢谢,看到你们这么漂亮的主题让我想着自己去创作主题,我会尽力做得好点的,嘿嘿。。


  28. 呵呵 从一个WP论坛到这里来的 很佩服你的设计能力哦 哈哈 祝福你和你的妻子 她是一个幸福的女人哦


  29. Wow, I must say this blog is the best website I’ve ever seen in my whole life. I take it as a gift for the last day of 2008.

    I even envy you guys for your lovely stories.

    Wish you have a Happy New year!


  30. hello rin,



  31. firefox浏览器下,本页面输入框超出了页面范围,可以缩小一些,会更帅的。

    cols=”65″ 57比较合适


  32. Aww, what a cute website, you two got here! I think I fell in love. Lovely design! I wish I could create anything like this! ♡

    My Linh

  33. Beautiful website, lovely couple! Best to you in 2009.


  34. 我想设计一款类似的主题,程序上如果能得到支持,将在主题发布的时候注明
    Powered by wordPress & Littlevault



  35. I love the theme and creativeness of y’alls blog. My fiancee and I have been talking for years about having a joint blog but we never got around to doing it. — Love it, adding to my faves. :)


  36. hello,
    I very much enjoy this theme, whether the subject was sent to me by a single.php study to do, thank you


  37. 相当有创意.而且做的很漂亮



  38. Great disign.I`m very interested in it,and i hope make a same one.So,i mean,do yuo mind copy one to me?the theme?
    Anyway,wish you happy.Thanks!
    If ok,pls mail me.


  39. I’ve never seen such a theme before. This is great! And you guys sound like you’re having so much fun together. You make a great team. All the best!

    P.S. Love your ABout Us page

    Adrian Lee

  40. Amazing…


  41. Nice wordpress blog,thank you!


  42. wow,I have find that has a page rank of 5, cool!


  43. Wow, this blog is so cool! Love it :)


  44. Awesome design!!!I love this theme!


  45. 在中国的一个论坛上看到的你的博客,知道了你是华人,能看懂中文,我就不用英文写了(汗。。。俺不会),你的博客真是太帮了,赞美你!


  46. Like this blog style, and want to ask it whether it has a version under Zblog? Perfect Style when i got married i will make one like this


  47. hi rin,听说你也是华人?嗯。不错,很给华人争光啊。能做出来这么一个有创意有特色的模板来,很是支持,而且也会给以后做模板的人以启发。
    By the way,I have some questions about the templates,can you add my MSN:!


  48. Lovely site~
    I can feel how you love each other~
    I want to give my friends a blog like yours as a gift.
    But I’m not a professional. When will you plan to share this theme?
    When you decide to share it , please send it to me via email.
    Thanks a lot .


  49. 不错,很是感动,祝你们幸福~~


  50. I like this!


  51. Wow,beautiful!
    I’ll make one for my love,if can…

    Long Island Ice Tear

  52. wow nice design :) cái này hợp cho 2 người yêu nhau ?


  53. nice & funny blog :)
    hope ur love will always be 2gether&4ever


  54. Hi,
    is blog is so lovely and so well designed.
    A public way to express love.

    Good luck to both of you personally and professionally…
    Greetings from Germany!



  55. 从国内来到这里。说实话,目前正需要一个这样的主题。当然是为了我和自己女友使用的。如果博主考虑提供的话,万分感谢。



  56. I love the layout design. At first I thought you were twin sisters…haha..LOL. Well, I hope you sweet couple will cherish your love forever and ever…so sweet both of you.

    Cheers from Germany


  57. Guys:) Your blog is great.Me and my girlfriend would like to do the same in our country, Ukraine. Can you plz plz plz share the theme? We are not php-proz, so it would be hard to code something like.


  58. I’m a Vietnamese. I really like your blog design. Could you please share me the theme, it’s so lovely and I love it very much. I would be very grateful if you can share it.

    Nguyen Duy Anh

  59. when i got married i will make one like this


  60. Hi, I am a Chinese boy.

    I appreciate your theme work. It is very attractive and very unique so that my girlfriend want a similar one. For some reason, I know CSS, html, mysql and php a little bit, so I take some time and I get a simple and ugly version of my own here, please see my website address for reference. Anyway, it works. There exists some Chinese posts on the web that claims the tech you are using, but apparently they do not work well because they do not do real dev at all.

    And now, people in China start to comment on my blog or email me for they want to know how the theme works and want one for themselves. Annoyed, I am somehow now considering to write a tutorial or something to teach people how to make this two-column thing from step to step and finally share my own theme code. However, this two-column design is your idea of course, and I would like to know that if it is okay for you, or if it will be any legal problems or something.

    Please reply if you have time, thank you.


  61. great design!

    i saw your site featured in smashing’s post on blog designs recently… i’m sure you get this often, but any tips on how to setup a dual column / poster blog in wordpress? any theme’s that you’re aware of that implement this? or, do you yourself have a generic version of the theme for sale, etc.?

    again, great concept and design!


  62. Hi,

    Your website, is really amazing!!! Fabulous, word miss to describe…
    I really want use the same concept, put i don’t know creat a complete wordpress template.
    Can i have the base of your template (the structure)? I don’t want the fabulous aesthetic (because it’s yours, and i want the mine), but the structure of the template will permite me to do something.

    Thank you very much!!!


  63. 我想问一下 就是你的根据不同作者调用不同风格这里是如何实现的 谢谢


  64. Soooo cute!! Just like both of you two~~
    I am amazed by such original design and lovely colour~Just like a great delicate equation~uh..a more relaxing one~~“

    So…it is really a website..not a blog..Am I right??You briliantly built your space by HTML or Java?? I need to read more books~~to learn computer skills~~besides my major mathematics…& to create my own sweet home…without the help of blog site~!!

    Keep your sweet smile:)


  65. Great Designing.and Nice couple….Good website…
    and give you 2 best wishes.


  66. I really love your website and enjoy reading both your blog entries :D Not the mention this two sided design is genius.


  67. Nice Theme, Nice idea, Nice love! Wish you happy forever!!!


  68. Like this theme, and i find a similar one, but it really a imitator, under building (, may need your help sometime…
    在国内某坛子内发现了一个大灰狼的仿贵站的blog,我也就下下来搭建了一下 希望不要介意,以后慢慢的进行美化,很想继续借鉴贵站风格!谢谢


  69. 您的博客在Opera下显示有误


  70. don’t know how I came across this blog..
    but i can remember it clearly due to the creativity of this blog template! like it so much! =)


  71. Rin & Wendy,i am so sorry to interupt you,but i want to say that your ideas let me feel happy and love deeply,thanks.
    Then your color (light blue & light pink )shows the Deep sense of love.
    And i’ll visit you frequently.


  72. Amazing ! I love this wp theme, good wishes for both of you!
    by the way, my girl friend like theme very much, can you share it to me ? thx very much!



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