Feb 2009

A Busy Weekend

Posted by: Wendy
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This has been the craziest week. I have 4 assignments due next week and the week after that, so it has been a really mad rush to get everything done. So far I have only completed one and halfway through another one while the other two assignments are practically untouched.

I have also been busy finding a rented room to stay in until I get my own house (as a follow online generic cialis up on my housing loan application the other day, we would have to resubmit again a few months later when the cytotec cheap income tax statement is released). buy 250 mg amoxil online kamagra pharmacy This time I was quite lucky to find generic propecia online a house which I actually feel comfortable in and the owners have been so friendly to me! I am actually looking forward to move there hehe.

This weekend is also the weekend when Rin and his family moved to his new house so I spent Thursday Buy Levitra night and the whole day yesterday helping him to pack up his room. Would you believe that he has 18 boxes altogether? That’s way more things than what I have, man. And I thought girls are supposed to have more.

Now you know why I haven’t been updating. I actually have lots of ideas to talk about but those would have to wait and sit inside my notebook until I have time to really sit down and write them out. So till then, hope everyone is doing well!



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  1. Hush hush.. Happy home moving (weird..)


  2. Glad you are looking forward to moving to a new place. I always believe that we got to like the place to be happy living there. ;)


  3. WAH one person 18 boxes?? My entire family moved with 28 boxes and 10 large bags… and that’s 5 of us..

    hehe Happy moving. Seems like there’ll be a lot of moving for you this year!


  4. @Bobo

    Yeah 18boxes… That’s not even counting my other stuff in the store-room. (It should count in as an addition of around 5-6more boxes)


  5. Good luck with your assignments! I hate being busy with a lot of schoolwork.


  6. Too much stuff happening in your life, no wonder you’re on a go! Heehee. I hate it when I have tons of schoolwork as well. Good thing in a way i’m able to blog regularly. I couldn’t imagine not being able to blog for a really long time :s


  7. I love/hate hectic weeks, but I’m glad that your application is going through without much complications!! It’s good when you’re dealing with a person who is respectful and nice! Good luck with completing your assignments. :)


  8. Happy moving!! I just moved house not too long ago. It’s so tiring!! T__T


  9. I thought my life is already super busy until I’ve read your schedule *cringes* I hope you’re coping well with the workload. Don’t overwork yourself and remember to get lots of sleep :) anyway, it’s really sweet of you to help your boyfriend move his personal belongings (which has the quantity of a warehouse, lol!).

    Congratulations for finding the dream home with a very nice owner, now I’m praying hard that they’ll give you the green light for the housing loan application. Good luck!



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