Oct 2008

A Commentary on Being Humble

Posted by: Wendy
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Humility has always been a trait which I admired in people. I admired it even more if it surfaces in someone who happens to be either extremely smart, beautiful and/or rich. These people know it but they never gave the impression of looking down on others who are, err, less fortunate? Not really the correct word to use…but you get the idea lolz. Cheap Levitra But unfortunately, there are only a handful of such people.

Anyway what started me talking about this? Recently I went to read a blog which was recommended online…apparently the blog belongs to a “Royal Highness” (she claimed that her family is listed in the Forbes’ Top 40 Richest People), she called herself the High Princess and see herself as superior compared to others. She even divided the people in Singapore into two categories: the blue blood (for the elites who can afford to live in private properties, are educated overseas, the restaurants in the 5-star hotels are their idea of food court) and the Peasants (those who can only afford to live in HDB flats, eat in hawker centres, you get the idea). She claimed numerous times throughout her posts that the blue blood is the superior one out of the two and that the Peasants are uncivilised and brought bad image to the country.

I think it is people like her who brings a bad name to the country.

I have always believed a true elite will not talk about how great he or she truly is. Only empty vessels will. The truly superior will leave it to you to find out by yourself, and when you do, you will be awed by how they are trying to keep it a secret instead. But I can’t stand those who claimed they are the greatest just because they happen to be born with a silver purchase stromectol spoon in their mouth. For all you know, they are not even able to fend for themselves when the riches are taken away from their family.

I am not being sour grapes here, I am satisfied with the way I am now. Because I know if I am born into a rich family, I would be pampered from young and would not know what independence truly means. I would rather achieve my own riches through my own hard work and efforts…I do cytotec buy not like to receive credits for things propecia price that have not been created by me. I believe that your character counts: you can be a millionaire but if your personality sucks and you just go around degrading people whom you think cialis soft tab are “less” than you, then I think they actually have the rights to laugh back at you because although you claimed to have had everything in life, you are buy kamagra jelly sorely lacking in something.

That something is called humility.



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