Nov 2008

A Doggie…or a Kitty?

Posted by: Wendy
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After I watched “10 Promises to My Dog”, I am a bit torn between cytotec online wanting a dog or a cat next time as the family pet :P

Hubby and I have been discussing about getting a pet once we have our own house. Which won’t be until next year the soonest, but it doesn’t hurt to think about buy 5mg propecia online it. Yours truly is a self-proclaimed lover of all things furry :D

Hubby is more of a cat lover rather than dog, though. I don’t have anything against cats. In fact I think kittens are really adorable and my cat back home (with my parents now in JB, Malaysia) is one of the smartest, cutest and lovable pet ever.

I can’t wait to go back home to see him again cos I kinda miss him. Remind me to buy a kitty collar for him soon :)

However, dogs, especially Golden Retriever, are very lovable as well. What attracts me about them is how they have a Buy Levitra Professional very gentle face. It always give cialis discount me a very soothing effect to look at them like the one over here. cheap phentermine Even after they grow up, they continue to have a very gentle and fatherly look.

So what do you say? Do you prefer a cat, or a dog? kamagra super :P



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  1. Hey Wendy =)
    wow this site is so cute! I love the idea of the seperated blogs of you guys with the blue and pink background! Just so cute! And also your “About me” is unique! I haven’t seen this before on any other page!
    Bye <3


  2. Uh yeah that’s bad to! I think it should stay white and clean the whole time =) and then just disappear without getting dirty and stuff like that!


  3. I vote for you getting a dog, kitty. But that’s only because I’m entirely too dog-biased. They’re just too cute :P .


  4. A cat! I’ve got two and I think they make wonderful pets. They don’t need you around all the time, the only problem is that they can be quite bitchy sometimes. After you find that a cat doesn’t drive you nuts, then its time to go hunting for a dog to be a companion to the cat. =) My husband also loves GRs but while we had fun with our landlord’s late GR, I will NOT have one in the house because they SNOW fur. Ewrgh. As if the cats don’t already shed enough. =D


  5. I love cats. I always say that I’m going to be one of those crazy cat ladies. There’s a small problem with that plan: I’m allergic to them. I’ve grown up around dogs, and they are loyal, but I’m traumatized enough by my neighbor’s Rottweilers.

    Nat Marie

  6. I like them both…but I think I prefer dogs. When I’m really down my dog will cuddle with me and try to offer her own form of comfort be it by licking my hand or nudging me to pet her. My cat, however…normally walks in the other direction. ^^;

    Anna Kirstin

  7. We discussed this before, and Hubby is 100% against getting a dog :(

    He said he prefers to hear a “meow” rather than a bark. Plus the house we will be getting will be really small, hence there won’t be much space for the Golden Retriever to wander about.

    Sometimes this is what I hate about living in Singapore! Everywhere is so crowded, plus I need to fork out a fortune to pay for a small house, when at the same price I could probably get a huge bungalow back in Malaysia.

    But that’s a rant for another time :P


  8. I’d love to have a Dalmatian puppy but kittens are equally as cute. I used to have a lop-eared pet rabbit called Polo. haha XD

    Yeah the cake was nice, while it lasted!

    x <3


  9. :( I say both. I love animals so much. Ok ok, so both wasn’t an option. If I absolutely HAD to choose, I would choose a cat for my personality. I am lazy and I don’t move around very much, spending hours upon hours on the computer. Cats don’t require a lot of active attention. I can sit here, type away and pet my cat the whole time and they will be happy. More active people would probably prefer a dog, though. :D


  10. Ah! Definitely dog (I don’t have anything against cats) :P rawr, that puppy really is cute <3

    @Mimi: I know you like cats xP because of your display picture haha.


  11. It depends on you, really. If you need someone a little more active, I suggest a dog. You could play with it, cuddle with it and keep it guard at night. :) A kitty, is well, usually just enjoys being alone.


  12. I’m all for a dog and GRs are one of the best breeds to get! Maybe you can try reading the book Marley & Me before deciding, you might swing either way (for me it made me want to get one even more). The movie adaptation will be out around Christmas as well.


  13. If you want company, get a cat. If you want a friend, choose a dog. I think dogs provide much more in terms of friendship and loyalty, but they also require more commitment from their owners. I own a Shiba Inu, and I love her.

    Shiba Inu


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