Jan 2009

A Gallery of Broken Hearts

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Upon hearing from my friend that Museum of Broken Relationships order amoxil online is making its first Asian stop in Singapore from 7 to 18 January 2009, cheap propecia online I decided to drop by for a visit this afternoon.

This gallery is built on an interesting kamagra tablets concept. It does not have any outlandish antique pieces nor does it possess any remarkable paintings worth thousands of dollars. The exhibits in this museum are everyday objects which lent a realistic feel to the whole theme. It is a theme almost of us will be able to identify with: lost love and its remains.

Before the exhibition started in Singapore, there was a call for everyone to donate the items from their past relationships and to include a story related to the item. Some of the items donated by Singaporean can be viewed in the gallery together with other items which have travelled all the way from Croatia, where it originated. The purpose of this museum, besides being an artistic project, is to help in the self-healing process of the individual wounded in the relationship by creating a space to preserve the items and the scarred emotional history behind it.

Here are some of the pictures which I have taken today during the visit:

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If the above pictures touched you, there are more here.

Tomorrow is the last day for the gallery in Singapore. After this, it will be going to San Francisco next to open the exhibition there on Valentine’s Day.

Visiting this gallery makes me think about what do you usually do with a gift/items Cheap buy cytotec generic Levitra Super Active+ left behind by an ex. Would you throw them away or keep them with you for memory’s sake?



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  1. Some of those things are really ridiculous :P


  2. That sounds like it’s an interesting exhibition. Looking at the gallery, it seemed like just random items were displayed but the stories behind some of the items were bittersweet.


  3. Wow — that’s definitely an exhibit I’d love to attend :D

    Thankfully no one has given me actual presents, just things that I’ve accidentally kept. I find that I can’t throw those types of things away, even if I’m no longer in love with the person. Then again, even a candy wrapper can be a sentimental attachment when in my hands — it’s the reason I have so much clutter *sigh*


  4. As well as I agree with Emsz, I agree with Kaylee on the stories behind each item. It makes me kind of sad :(


  5. I don’t think they are ridiculous :P I think they’re quite meaningful, for me (: I’m touched by some of them x.x Especially the cigarette bottle…


  6. Oh, I have read of this museum in a magazine long ago. Well, I usually throw most (or all) stuff away. Why should I keep them? If I put them all in a box and lock them away, they would take up too much space & I don’t want to be reminded of unhappiness. Haha, but if I would have known of that museum earlier, I would have sent all the stuff there. ;) I think it’s a funny idea.

    My Linh

  7. Whoa! What an amazing idea.

    I would definitely love to check that museum out myself.

    Though I’d have to say, that tear container thing did creep me out a little bit. I wouldn’t want an ex to send me his tears!


  8. That is soooo interesting… I have never thought of such a thing could exist!! Makes me feel a bit better today…


  9. Wow, that sounds like such a neat idea! I loved reading the stories behind each item; I love how each one has its own history.


  10. What a neat project! This is awesome. It sounds like it was a lot of fun!


  11. Sad gallery :(

    Kevin in Manila


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