Mar 2009

A Holiday is NOT a Holiday…

Posted by: Wendy
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A holiday is not a holiday if your mind is still at work.

Apologies for not updating for such a long time, but I have figured out that I am going to update cialis amoxicillin price bestellen more often now…but kamagra side effects Generic Levitra Super Active+ Online Pharmacy propecia suppliers misoprostol cytotec most likely it is going to be in one-liner form.

Who says blog entry can’t be short and sweet? And if I can find time to write one-liner post in my Facebook, I can find time to do the same here.



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  1. Technically one should be able to do whatever she wants in her blog isn’t it? haha We should have “One-Liner Fridays” haha


  2. Right, if we are having a holiday, might as well make full use of it to enjoy and relax. Put work at the back of your mind. :)

    It’s your blog so you choose the style you wish to blog in. One liners can sometimes say much more than paragraphs of text.


  3. Your site is so cool…
    Bless you…



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