Feb 2009

A Little Update on My Life

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So cheapest generic cialis today was my first day in my new school. Cheap buy propecia fda approved Brand Levitra I was quite nervous about it yesterday night, and I even had nightmares about getting bitchy colleagues and working in a cramped environment with limited working space…turns out that I was wrong! Everyone has been really friendly to me so amoxil generic far and my mentors are really sincere in helping me out for my observations and lesson planning. And I even had my own desk!

I have also moved into my new room and I am trying to make it look liveable and cosy at the moment. When I have succeeded in doing so, I will put up some pictures to put up here.

This week I will be more free as I am only doing lesson observations currently but starting from next week I will start to teach. That means I am going to discount kamagra get super purchasing cytotec busy soon so I have better cherished my free time now!



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  1. Glad it’s not what you expected (expect the worst but hope for the best :P ). I’ve always thought of teaching as well, but in the end never really thought it was for me. My older sister is though, so enjoy your free time while you can!


  2. Oooh, good luck starting at your new school!! Must definitely be nerve wracking for sure!! But hope you’ll settle in quickly and soon :)


  3. Good thing things turned out better than what you had expected. As I always say, “Hope for the best, but expect the worst” =) Can’t wait to see pictures of your room.


  4. I’m glad the school wasn’t as bad as you feared! I hope you’re adjusting well to the new environment, though. And I’d love to see those pictures! :)


  5. so you’re all settled in already! im having my formal observation next week! all stressed up! argh!

    new room! woohoo!! whereabouts? =)


  6. Charlene> I am having my observation after the March holidays.

    My new room is in Woodlands, near my school :)



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