Nov 2008

A Rave and Rant about Salespeople

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Being a consumer, I have tonnes of encounters with salespeople every now and then.

Some of them are really pleasant. I am reminded of a few whom I met today during my shopping spree (I spent 6 hours going from mall to mall…an impressive record even for myself). One was a lady I met in the Isetan branch in Shaw House. I was interested in looking for a dress to attend this weekend wedding dinner and spotted a few which grabbed my attention. One particular dress was really lovely, I tried it on in the fitting room and to my horror my size is no longer available! This is something that always happens to me, be it dress or shoes, but that should be reserved for another topic another day. Now the focus is on the saleslady who went through trouble to look for dresses which are of the similar design and cutting as the one I wanted and also to ensure that the size is the one I could fit in. I had felt really bad in the end because none of them seems to suit me as much as the one I picked out earlier but even then she was all smiles and told me it is alright and to come again next time. There was no sign of irritation or frustration that all her hard work of finding the similar pieces has gone to drain.

Now, buy amoxil without prescription that for me, is good customer service. I wouldn’t mind patronizing the store again in the future.

Now, on to bad examples = =

The most horrendous one had to be salesgirl I encountered a few years back. I remember I was in a pharmacy outlet in one of the neighborhood malls and was browsing through the various brand of facial cleansers. I did not have any intention to buy any, I was just looking around, whiling away my time while waiting for my husband to make his purchase. This young girl came around after a while and asked:

Salesgirl 1 (SG 1): What are you looking for?

Me: Oh nothing, I am just looking around (actually this is my standard answer whenever I am asked by the salesperson in a store)

SG 1: Do you want to try this brand of cleanser? (Took out a bottle of cleanser and attempting to push it into my hand)

Me: Generic Levitra Online Pharmacy | Buy Levitra | Cheap Levitra | Order Generic Levitra Online without Prescription Oh no no, I always buy the same brand…my face is sensitive to any change of cleanser.

SG 1: But this brand is really good, you should try it…(continued to push the bottle into my hand)

Me: (Starting to get frustrated) I am not really interested.

SG 1: (Glares before walking away. Then proceeded to say loudly to herself) I HATE customers like you!

Me: (Speechless. Had wanted to demand to speak to the manager but was stopped by hubby who had finished making his purchase and we walked away).

I was like…if you hate people who reject the product you recommended, then you shouldn’t be in this line at all! Customer service is all about providing top-notch service to the customers and not getting frustrated just because they refuse to buy. You can’t expect me to buy every single product which has been recommended to me!

Anyway on to the second example, which took place today:

Salesgirl 2 (SG 2): May I know what you are looking for?

Me: Oh, I am just taking a look around (What did I tell you?)

SG 2: If you are looking for a dress, you should take a look at this piece (took out a dress which looks suitable for casual occasion)

Me: Oh that’s nice but I am actually looking for a dress to attend a dinner.

SG 2: This one can what! Who says this one cannot wear to attend dinner? (said in a brusque manner followed by a glare)

Me: Erm, no thanks kamagra jellies (quickly walked away)

Sigh, I can’t stand salespeople who are too pushy for their own good. I can’t stand those who follow every single footstep that you make in their shop, keep making suggestions when it is clear I want some time to think on my own about what I really want to buy and can’t stop pushing their opinion onto me. I had met with salespeople who practically breathed down my neck while I was browsing through the clothing rack…it made me so uncomfortable that I abandoned the shop a few minutes after, even though I spied a piece of clothing which I liked :(

This reminded me of another incident, which took place in a dress store in a shopping mall, about 2 years ago. I was looking through some clothes in the shop cialis canadian (I had to say that this shop has quite a number of nice clothes which attracted me to step in to browse) and an eager-looking salesgirl came along. I had wanted to browse in peace…but she kept up a chatter throughout, even when my response was minimal. Finally I selected cytotec dosing a few pieces to bring to the fitting room to try out and within a few minutes, I heard knocking on the door of the room I was in.

Salesgirl 3 (SG3): Miss, can you come out to let me see how the dress looks on you?

Me: (I was reluctant to step out. I just wanted to see for myself, I do not want her to see. Yea, I am self-conscious that way) Erm, I am not ready yet.

Silence for a few minutes.

SG 3: Miss, do you think you can come out to let me see how the dress looks on you?

Me: (Cursing to myself and remained silent)

SG 3: (Started banging on the buy propecia 1mg fitting room door) Come out and let me look at you!

It was starting to sound like a command rather than a polite request. I hurriedly took out the dress and changed back to my original clothes. I did not get to really see how the dress look on me due to the incessant badgering, so needless to say I was frustrated and totally not interested in buying the dresses anymore.

So I came out to see SG 3′s face has totally transformed from eager to looking as dark as the clouds before heavy rain. I told her that I would not be buying after all. I could practically see her cursing me under her breath.

Am I the only one who is really unlucky to have met all these really horrendous salespeople?



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  1. I feel your pain…

    I also hate it when salespeople tail you around the store and keep up an endless litany of their current offers. I prefer to browse by myself (in peace).


  2. I hate pushy, annoying or too eager salespeople. There are some stores where I often get the feeling that they think that I’m about to steal something. It really makes me feel uncomfortable, but I don’t want to “abandon” shops just because of this (although it would be a reason good enough), because I like the clothes they sell… Life sure is hard.

    I normally just sneak behind their backs, and they let me choose what I please. That’s my kind of shopping style. Works for me. Normally…

    But then, I often realize that these salespeople are only kind UNTIL you buy something. Once you bought it, they have this “disappear, NOW!” look on their faces. It scares me. What the hell is wrong with them nowadays?


  3. I wonder what they teach them. Is it too easy to say “Hi”, smile, and look ready and willing to provide any help needed?

    My list of horrors includes:
    1. Breathing down your neck and being too attentive (see post and comments above);
    2. Chatting on the phone and not even looking up;
    3. Chatting with another sales assistant;
    4. Looking at you as though you are not smart enough for what they are selling;
    5. Treating you as an imbecile because you don’t know something they do, because they do it every day or have it on their computer. Like “Are you on our mailing list?” “Yes, I think so, I get your catalogue through my letter box.” Looks it up, then says snootily: “No you’re not on our mailing list…” Urghhh!

    Now I review online shops. They don’t answer back.

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