Aug 2009

A State of Dilemma

Posted by: Wendy
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It seems like more and more people are getting to know about this blog…which is a good thing I guess. But it also means it started to become less personal and I started to become concerned about what I am writing might be too boring for the mass readers and who are actually reading my entries. I am beginning to feel like I should be careful about what I reveal here..any of you feels kamagra kamagra the same way I do?

I have cytotec and abortion not been updating for the past few weeks because it has been crazy over here, especially with my work. At one point, I was so stressed by it all that I started having diarrhea order cialis online and had to go to the doctor, who told me that I am suffering from gastric pains, which could be due to my stress level. Luckily after taking the medicine, I am now feeling better though the gastric would act up once in a while when I was not eating proper meals at the proper time.

In a blink of an eye, two months have gone by since I took over the form teachership of a Fifth Grade class…and they would be having their termly examinations the whole of next week. I am rather anxious about how they would do in this exam and am crossing my fingers that they would do well or at least show some improvements as compared to their previous results. I hate to be so result-oriented but that’s the reality of teaching here – in the end what matters is whether you can deliver the results or not. But I know I have tried my best with them :)

I am also at a dilemma currently as I am supposed to be choosing my preferred teaching level for next year and I am stuck at choosing to choose either Third Grade (which I used to teach) or to follow Buy Levitra Super Active+ my current class to Sixth Grade, which would be a crucial year for them as they would be sitting for their school leaving examination. I know I have been complaining buy cheap amoxil about the high stress level and how challenging this class could be, but I guess the students buying generic propecia do grow on you after a while :) I had not thought that was possible in the beginning of the term but now I think I would really have some good memories from the time that I have spent with this class.

It is now pouring outside and past midnight so it seems like a good time for me to stop and go to sleep now. Good night!



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  1. I don’t think you should censor what you write about. I follow quite a few different kinds of personal blogs and I find it refreshing to read about a NORMAL everyday person’s life. Sometimes, you want to hear about how a person is doing, not how a specific topic is doing. :)



  2. I come from China and living here, and also im a Chinese. I knew this wp/blog because one of my friend who is a php programmer as me told me. I believe some of Chinese who visited ur blog cause we are interested in ur and ur boyfriends’/husbands’ blog style. we think ur blog is so creative and also we sigh with emotion that wordpress(wp) is so freedom. we are not want to bother ur personal space but it really attract us.

    Robert Chen

  3. I feel exactly like that. I used to censor a lot more when I was at my old blog add. It’s a little better now. :)


  4. I’m a college student in China.
    And I think it’s so sweety here.
    U needn’t to change it at all.
    Bless u~


  5. I use to write a lot of personal things on my blog but not so much now because I have more visitors and people I know in real life actually come by daily. It’s weird because they’re your friends yet you don’t really want them to read your blog… but then if they were bloggers themselves or more active on the web scene, it would be different.



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