Nov 2008

Are Parents Always Right?

Posted by: Wendy
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There is this culture among the Asians which has irked me for quite some time: the mindset that whatever the older generation does, amoxicillin kamagra jelly 100mg buy it is always right.

They can online cytotec come up with the most unreasonable demands and show the most outrageous behavior, yet us as the younger ones are supposed to tolerate them without a complaint, without generic cialis online even a wince. All because they are our so-called elders.

Even if they behave in a childish way, they still expect their behavior to be respected. If they beat and abuse us, it is also for our own good. All their behavior can be justified just simply because of their age and their Generic Levitra Online Pharmacy reasoning that they have had more experience than us, hence everything that is done by them is not questionable.

I admit that I do not feel affectionate towards my own parents. buy finasteride propecia I just want to have a harmonious relationship with them but with them kicking up a fuss and threatening to make my life difficult, it is getting difficult and stressful to even have a conversation with them nowadays. I feel that whatever I have said, some borne out of good intention, will be manipulated and then used against me instead.

They claimed that I am distancing myself from them, but they have never thought that it is their own behavior that is driving me away.



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  1. I definitely agree with you on this subject. I don’t think I am as emotionally involved as you are, but I understand where you’re coming from. I am truly sorry to hear about this, and I hope that it gets better.


  2. I’m Asian. The kind of asian who has to spend holidays with older relatives who will complain about everything from your hairstyle to your toenail polish.

    I used to think that they were right. The ‘younger’ generation is really going to waste, forgetting old traditions, going to eternal damnation and all that stuff. Until one family reunion where I saw a younger cousin being scolded for running around when the men were drinking and cussing outside. In front of the women!

    I guess the only good thing about this is if you survive it all, you’ll get to be part of the ‘always-right’ crowd. Then it’s your choice whether you act like them or act like your kid is always right (in which case I’m open for adoption).

    Thank heavens for the internet. A place where ‘your older generation’ can’t go to your blog and say:

    “Your XHTML is invalid, young man. Didn’t I tell you to close your tags and use character entities, you impertinent little blogger? That’s just your Uncle Jimmy’s stubbornness coming out in you…”


  3. Hah, I will have this thought sometime.. *sigh* that’s parents~ they forgot that they will do something wrong too..!

    I hope things will be better for you~


  4. Haha I laughed at Mary’s last statement. The good thing about Internet is that we’re slighly ahead of the older generation (although in Singapore they’ve launched design and photoshop workshops for older people *gasp*), they might be catching up soon!

    I realise that I have the same love-hate relationship with my parents. Sometimes I am really thankful that during difficult times they are understanding, empathetic and compassionate, but sometimes they make outrageous demands on my behalf and put words in my mouth. I remembered there was once my mom and I got into an argument because we were at the coffee shop and I told her that one of the dishes doesn’t look good. She then told the stallholder (they’re friends, but she still shouldn’t do it) then ‘my son thinks the dish doesn’t look fresh’ and I have more than ten patrons who were in the midst of selecting the dishes staring at me. I felt so embarrassed that I told her later she should say what I told her, and she should sometimes put herself in my shoes and she said that she was just telling the stallholder the truth. Geeeee.


  5. I know exactly what you mean; my parents always think that if I’m not doing it like they did, then I’m wrong. They will always lecture me about how I need to stand up for myself, but at the same time show respect?

    I have just about the same kind of relationship with my parents. I’ll only talk to them if it’s necessary, and I try to just live with them. The only thing my parents seem to care about is me making the grade, regardless. They take my needs, wants, and feelings as second priority.


  6. I’m an expat living in the Philippines. I’ve seen the cultural difference between families here in the States. You’ve written some interesting insights here.

    Kevin in Manila


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