Dec 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For…

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The incident of having ripped buy propecia discount cheap cialis generic cytotec off by an unscrupulous person has prompted me to post this quote of the day:

Be careful what you wish for; sometimes buy kamagra cheap they might just come true.

Before, generic amoxicillin online I had wished for Rin-Wendy to become popular and read by thousands of people per day. But little did I know that the consequence of having a popular site is that we would have to deal with copyright infringement and the outrageous act of someone releasing Cheap Brand Levitra our theme without even thinking of asking for our permission.

Well, as they said, popularity is always a double-edged sword. What do you think?



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  1. Sorry to hear this. It sucks. :(


  2. 别在意,珍惜自己拥有的,呵呵


  3. The audacity of some people. :(


  4. There’s always the good and the bad to deal with. I guess it’s like being a celebrity and having to handle the paparazzi!


  5. Agreed @ Kaylee :P



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