Dec 2008

Being too perfectionist?

Posted by: Rin
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Today I went with Wendy over to Jurong Point to window shop and to take a look at their newly renovated wing. Passed by a cake shop which allows the customers to decorate their own cakes. Wendy hinted that I should go and make one. I replied “I need to plan first”…. Hence started the long discussion (not argument) about me and my perfectionist personality. (P.S Wendy saw me typing this and I got lovingly hit by order online cialis her~~~~ lolx)

Almost all the bosses/supervisors in my past employment history had sort of mentioned this kamagra gel problem of mine. A boss once called me in to specifically tell me not to be too serious buying online propecia in the work I was producing. He said, “Rin, though the client pin-pointed that he liked the style and way you do the work, it is bad for our company as… the rest of the colleagues cannot match up with the standard of work you gave.” Is this really bad? During my stay at that company, I was told numerous times to lower my standard so as to meet the deadline (I was in-charge of quality control over the graphics, UI and flash development there). Those that I sought to maintain the standard never had to re-do the graphics or UI, and those not got rejected and we had to put in extra time just to correct it.

I have a very bad habit of placing high and difficult judgements on myself and my work. Everything that comes out from my hands must meet a certain requirement that I set. It are these standards that I set for myself Generic Levitra Professional Online Pharmacy | Buy Levitra buy generic amoxil Professional | Cheap Levitra Professional | Order Generic Levitra Professional Online without Prescription that keep me moving forward. I will not say that I am really good in a field until I am at the highest point of it.

Elitist? Nope I am not. I do not judge or cytotec pfizer set standards for others but myself. I always believe that nothing is perfect and nothing can be perfect. I just like to set myself a very high standard and continually top that while improving myself. There are tons of things to discover and learn if one constantly challenge himself.

“One’s greatest enemy is always himself.”

This is what I believe in. Why not challenge oneself so that one can improve fast?

However, this habit of mine has made me become a person who take everything seriously. Wendy pointed out that if I continue to do that, I will not be able to enjoy myself, especially on stuff that is very impromptu (eg. going for karaoke, decorating a cake etc). I feel very bad to sing if I did not practice a particular song before, not because of me getting afraid of others laughing at me. I just feel that I am not up to my own standard, sigh.

Guess I really need to take things in a more relax and light manner. Any pointers?

I am a virgo by the way…

:edit : Happy birthday wendy dear!!! Sorry for not decorating the cake for you just now. I really need to work on my perfectionist trait.



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  1. Agreed (: One’s greatest enemy is always herself :P

    I’m a Virgo too but I’m not really a perfectionist unless I really cared about something (for example, my website layout). Aiya, I hope you enjoy your life! ^^


  2. You’re not alone Rin. I’m a Libra and I’m pretty much a perfectionist in the past – I have this compulsion to make everything in perfect order (and in my way too), so much so that I spoil the fun and turn people off. Then in my college years I came to a realisation that if I insist not to change, I will only be murdering my own social life and I changed myself gradually over two years.

    My parents once suspected me of having a mild form of obsessive compulsive disorder, but their worries were gone when I started to change. You might want to try to look at things differently – you don’t need to completely kill the perfectionist inside you. What you need is to only learn how to control it. Perfectionism, in a mild form, is not only helpful but also motivates you and makes you more productive. You should take that part of perfectionism to your advantage ;)


  3. I have this perfectionism creating problems once in a while..
    Guess its cos I am a virgo too.. :)

    Durga Nandan


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