Dec 2008

Boys = Boys; Men = Boys, Just Bigger

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To quote from my hubby:

Little cost for cialis girls will grow into women while little boys will grow into bigger boys who need bigger toys.

Agree? Just a little kamagra buy online idea when you are doing your Christmas shopping for a guy ;)

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  1. I completely agree! That’s so true. This is why I’m troubling myself shopping for my boyfriend.


  2. I wouldn’t mind growing into a bigger girl :P


  3. That is the truth. :P


  4. Cute quote :) I’d say though that I grew into a big girl ;) Nah, I’m not a woman. ;)


  5. Hehe, so true.


  6. I think I’m growing into a woman AND a “bigger girl”.

    My wishlist is pretty geeky. lol


  7. I completely agree! The electronics department is where I always end up going when shopping for guys. They always appreciate toys from there.


  8. Agreed! :D Of course, I agree with Tiff because I am still a big girl at heart.. Just because I had a baby and grew.. bigger parts (LOL).. I still have the most fun at Walmart in the toy aisle! WOO!


  9. Totally agree. Boys will always be boys. Hahahah~ ;p


  10. I totally agree! Only I’m just as bad as the boys, I’d rather have a new bike and body armour over pretty things any day. =D


  11. LOL @ the post title, haha.

    toy car = real car
    toy phone = real phone
    toy house = real house (opps, since when boys play dollhouse D:)


  12. Too true, though


  13. This works in a more childish way in addition to cars and electronics. Even today I would love to get a LEGO set, but it should be a huge, complicated one.


  14. Hahaha! And they so love being pampered. :)
    Right you are!

    Durga Nandan


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