Jan 2009

Busy = Good~

Posted by: Rin
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It is the 1st work week of year 2009 and I have work scheduled for me for the entire week! I can safely say this is a good start of the year, although much of the work are brought cheapest kamagra over from last year to be finished.

I feel bad. I have been neglecting this blog for quite some time, probably infected order propecia online no prescription cialis by my wife’s “writer’s block”. It is just that somehow, I suddenly find that my mind is a blank Cheap Levitra when I sit down in front of the computer about to write a post.

Anyway, I will be updating this blog theme to WP2.7 from WP2.6.2. It is about time to jump on the WordPress 2.7 bandwagon. Also, another good piece of news for the amoxicillin online Rin-wendy theme fans out there. As I finish updating the theme to 2.7. I will also write a couple of tutorials for those who which to make a theme with multiple authors. The tutorials will cover more on the integration side rather than on design, cytotec contraindications so stay tuned.



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  1. I need to upgrade my blog too to 2.7… it really annoys me how WP has to come out with soo many new versions and when you upgrade, you find out that some themes aren’t supported anymore.

    I wish I had a boyfriend to update mine too so I don’t have to do it… hahaha.


  2. I’m loving the new 2.7 but I have to re-code some of the site to use the new functions. Bah. >.<

    But hurray for you! Congrats on getting some commissions! (I assume that it’s a commission coz you’re a freelancer right? :P )



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