Feb 2009

CATS the Musical is coming to Singapore!

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CATS is coming to Singapore and will be showing in buy cheap cytotec Esplanade Theatre buy cheap amoxil online from April 10 until May 3, 2009. I have wanted cialis buy real propecia online generic online to watch this musical since a long time ago but didn’t get a chance each time. The last Generic Levitra Online Pharmacy time it was shown in Singapore was almost 16 years ago, in 1993. So needless to say, the tickets are selling like hot cakes and I only managed to get a side seat for myself and hubby at the 4th level. We will be going for the 11 April, 8pm show.

I remember I first got to know about this musical when I heard , a song which is both poignant and memorable. It is a song sung by Grizabella the Glamour Cat who had once been beautiful and popular but is now old and shabby-looking. Other notable purchase kamagra songs include which featured the mischievious and flirtatious Rum Tum Tugger himself (which was supposed to be feline equivalent of Mick Jagger or Elvis Presley) and (also sung by Rum Tum Tugger). I also like the character Jemima, who sang at the beginning and the chorus of the song, Memory.

Have you watched CATS before? :D



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  1. No, but I would have loved to.

    I remember that it was on Broadway for a good 25 years before they ended their run. I think I’m going to search for the DVD or something, but it won’t be the same. It never is.

    Nat Marie

  2. I’ve heard a lot about CATS, but I don’t actually know much about it. The only musicals I’ve been to were put on by schools… I hope you enjoy your experience, though! Sounds like fun :D


  3. Memory is such a fun song to play and sing along to, I’ve never watched Cats, but I really want to! My old theory teacher talked a lot about Cats, so I basically know the plot line. You’ll definitely love it. :)


  4. I’ve never watched CATS before.. (I don’t really know about them) but now I think I feel like watching them! Do they dress like that when they perform? Or it’s just the poster? (Cats ma..) *curious*


  5. @Nat Marie: The DVD version is surprisingly good! So I don’t mind getting a copy myself.

    @RiN: Yes, they do dress that way in the musical.


  6. I’ve never watched CATS before and even dont know much about it. The only thing I know that it is a very famouse performace. Can anyone who have seen it tell me is it worth seeing or not?

    Persian Cat

  7. Hi,
    I am going to the Cats musical as well, but on the 14th. So. excited. this will be my second experience being in a musical theatre, and i remembered the atmosphere kinda envelope me and i love it. share us your review and experience since you will be there earlier :)


  8. I watched it yesterday, on the opening night.
    Words can’t even begin to describe how amazing the show is.


  9. Hi

    I cant wait to take my daughter to see this, she will absolutly adore this!

    Really excited!




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