Nov 2008

Challenge: No Mobile Phone for a Week!

Posted by: Wendy
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I am just wondering if this challenge is possible because I notice that everywhere I go nowadays, there doesn’t seem to be anyone who is without a mobile phone when they are out and about.

It is not just when they are outside of their house, some of the people I know are extremely attached to their phone even at home, that they resolve to carry it to the toilet, kitchen, and practically everywhere they go.

Mobile phones buy propecia on the net (here we usually call it handphone) are so versatile nowadays that we no longer use them to make calls and send messages. It has become almost a part of our lifestyle, what with nifty cameras installed and various games which can be downloaded and played on the phone while cialis 10mg you are going through an extremely boring 1 hour ride in the crowded bus/MRT. Maybe Cheap Levitra that sort of explains why most people have developed a sort of attachment to this technological gadget and do not mind spending more and more money to get the latest versions in the market (Any of you own an I-Phone yet? I have to say that one looks cool though).

However I think I might  be one of those rare ones who feel that mobile phones can sometimes be a nuisance to have around. There was a time when I dislike having it around me so much that I went through my whole undergraduate studies (4 years) without having one at all.

Yes, you read that right. From 2002 until 2006, I did not own a single mobile phone, not even once.

There was of course a story behind this. Before I went overseas to study, my parents were extremely over-protective and would call me every single day on my mobile phone when I was living in my hostel in KL, which was around 5 hours away from my home in JB (I was staying there because I had to go through a preparatory course for a year before leaving for United States). They would call me during lesson time, during night time and whenever they felt like it to find out what I was doing because they had this irrational fear that I would get into trouble the moment they didn’t. And if I didn’t pick up my phone because I was having lesson or for some other reasons, they would get worried and bombarded me with all sorts of accusations when I finally called them back. Yes, my parents can be unreasonable that way, but I will leave that story for another day.

So anyway when I got to US, I promised myself that I would never get a mobile phone so that I would not have this feeling that anytime someone wants to get hold of me, they would be able to. I like the feeling of not having to answer to anyone wherever I was at. I like the feeling of having some quiet times to myself, where I would just wander around my campus alone, without having to worry about my phone ringing and having to answer to anyone who is at the other end.

Even now, I still have the habit of leaving my mobile phone around and not checking it to see if there is any new call or message. Because of this, I will sometimes get scolded playfully by dearest hubby especially when he called and I never picked it up because I was unaware that it is ringing.

I wonder if I am able to live without a mobile phone now, especially amoxil online since my Sony Ericson Z175i has been acting up and shutting down on its own without warning. fast kamagra It would just blank out and turn off on its own when I am in the midst of messaging, causing me to lose all the words that I have typed in. I wonder how long I can go without having a mobile phone by my side.

Would cytotec tablets you be able to survive without one for say, one week?



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  1. I’ve been able to be without my phone for more than a month. It died because of my carelessness, and so I resorted to a 1998 phone which I absolutely loathed since it was so bulky and just plain eurgh! So I ended up abandoning it for about a month before my own phone came back :P of course, there were moments when my friends would scold me for that too since they had to contact me :P


  2. lol. I can O.O I didn’t even touch my phone for a few months. I only use it when I want to listen to musics.. rawr, your phone is spoilt I guess.

    tako, yes it’s a japanese food (: octopus ball?


  3. I have survived without a phone for almost 2 months! However, with the very hectic schedule I have nowadays, that’s impossible.


  4. I could because I rarely use my phone. :P The only thing is, my mom wouldn’t be able to know where I am. :3


  5. heh. i can’t live without my mobile. it’s everything to me. it’s my lifeline to the internet. i am online wherever i am because of my phone. i get to msn, view blogs and check on my email/facebook/twitter/wahtever.

    however, i seldom use my mobile to make calls. weird huh?


  6. Only if I’m overseas. My mobile phone was next to useless in Chiangmai because I always left it at home and forgot about it. But in Singapore, its the only way people can get me. So, not in Singapore. Good luck if you try it. It’ll be interesting.


  7. Given that my phone has been flat, on the bookcase, for over a week, and that last year I only topped it up once and that was for Christmas… yeah, I don’t have a problem going without my phone for a week! What’s the prize? ;)


  8. I never use my phone anyway. :P


  9. I don’t even have a cell phone D:

    But I noticed that all my classmates that do have one never stop text messaging… I don’t think they could live without it.


  10. Hmm, seems like there are more people than I thought who think they would be able to survive without a mobile phone for a week :P I admit that I might not be able to stand it. A few years back I could, but now I am growing more and more attached to my mobile phone :( I don’t think it is a good thing though.

    Those who are able to, you get a salute from me for being able to “detach” yourselves whenever you need to.


  11. It’s different for me because I use my phone to talk to the following people: My son, my fiance, my grandparents, my parents and occasionally my Aunt. All of my calls total to like 50 minutes per month and I have no land line. I don’t necessarily need it, but I use it when I must contact my family members. Which is rare.


  12. Of course anyone can survive without a mobile phone for a week or even more. The question is whether we want to, and I don’t I want to. As long as I don’t bother people with my mobile I don’t see why I should stop using it, specially cause many of us rely on it to communicate with the rest of the world.

    We’ve all got very attached to it cause they’re make our lives easier, but it’s not like…let’s say water :)


  13. I survived a week without cellphone earlier in the first sem :P I lost my phone on the shuttle bus and I searched for a good one for one week, haha :D but it was indeed very convenient and pretty much nightmarish for me! My friends can only reach me through MSN and during school hours, I’m uncontactable. But that’s a good thing too. I get to have some free time to myself without having anyone intercepting my halfway, heh.


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  15. Life might be very easy and simple without them and I have a nifty one which always missed calls and losses its display or power during calls, that’s why a few people do me calls on that. believe me, I am more than happy not to use it regularly.


  16. Ha ha ha, not possible…I too was late to the mobile phone scene, however I cant go ten minutes without checking my phone and or texting someone.

  17. It is pretty hard to survive without a phone in today’s society. I think it is as hard as being isolated from the internet. New Generation is addicted to the communication devices and old generation can without phones at all. Like my father, he used a $30 prepaid card for 3 months and I think he buys a new one just because his minutes expire :)
    And when I left my phone at work for the weekend, I was forced to use my Motorola Retro cordless phone for two days and was embarrassed to show it to anyone. My friends called it a “telegraph” :)

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