Dec 2008

Christmas Contest: Stand a Chance to Win Gift Card!

Posted by: Wendy
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To thank fellow visitors who have diligently been visiting, we have decided to come up with a contest to reward you :) It is to go together with the spirit of giving this festive season to commemorate Christmas as well as the 3rd month anniversary for this site which is coming soon. We also know how fun it is to participate in contests so here goes:

What you gotta do:

  1. Think of an item cialis online pharmacy which is related to Christmas. It can be anything ranging from food items to clothing to decorations on the street. Be as creative as possible!
  2. Using your camera or via drawing, capture the Generic Levitra Professional Online Pharmacy item/scene in the most creative way possible. Just keep in mind that It has to be outstanding enough for it to make it into the finalist list! :D
  3. Write a sentence in less than 50 words explaining what is the picture/drawing misoprostol cytotec about, what it means to you and how it is related to Christmas.
  4. Send in your photograph/scan of your drawing together with your explanation to

Some rules you have to observe:

  1. You may send amoxicillin price in as many photograph/drawing as you like. But I am going to select only ONE entry to represent you if you get into the finals.
  2. The photograph/drawing must be taken by YOU yourself. At any moment the entry is found to belong to someone else, you will be disqualified immediately.
  3. All entries sent in should be of the following image size: 800 x 600pixels. It should not be more than 2MB in size.
  4. You need to send in your entries by 17 December 2008. Late entries will not be accepted.
  5. I will choose the top 5 entries and post them up here by 19 December 2008.
  6. The readers here would then start to vote for their favorite entry. Voting will start on 19 December 2008 and officially end on 24 December 2008. I will explain the voting system in greater detail on my later post.
  7. The entry with the highest number of votes will win. I will announce the winner on 25 December 2008.

I can almost hear you asking: kamagra side effects But what is the prize??? :P

The winner will get a gift card from worth $20 :D In case you are wondering what you can use it for, do read up here

So propecia suppliers what are you waiting for? Do send in your e-mail with your entry, explanation as well as your details (I need your name, e-mail address, URL to your site (if there is any).

You have around a week to exercise your creativity and I am looking forward to viewing beautiful work from you! :D

P/S: If you have any questions, do post a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible!



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  1. Oooh, another contest!! I’m glad people are doing contests, but I’m never one to enter. I’m excited to see what the prize is though!


  2. I saw this contest previously but D: I don’t shop online plus.. I’m not good at drawing tsk tsk! *I failed -_-*


  3. Hi, great idea for a competition – i’ve had a look for the entries and winner on the site and cant find them – could you send me the link please?



    Russ ” Christmas Cards ” B.

  4. wow, that would have been so cool. I’m so ate for this :( will be on for this Christmas too? I’m definitely going to come back.

    organic baby clothes

  5. Heah, what a special site you have. I found it on Yahoo while looking for some newborn baby gear. Thanks and God bless.

    Minnie Favre


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