Dec 2008

Confession: I Am An Internet Junkie

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I have reached Malaysia safely, and am currently checking my mails and commenting in blogs in a cyber cafe. The kind you have to pay $1.20 per Cheap cytotec propecia buy kamagra online tablets uses Levitra hour for. All because my house has no internet connection and I’m desperate to be connected to the rest of the world. Hence this triggers the quote of the day:

Without the Internet, I feel..disconnected.

I sound like an antibiotics buy Internet junkie/addict. I probably am. How soft cialis tabs many of you feel the same?



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  1. me :P but if I’m in a vacation, I don’t, hah. (I’m contradicting myself o_O)

    You’re in Malaysia? (tsk, I was about to ask you which state -_-) In Kedah, it’s only $1 per hour :P


  2. Can relate, have been on the internet non-stop ever since I returned to Singapore: Land of reliable internet connection.


  3. I’m quite a big junkie too. Ever since my Mac ran out off power (a la melted adapter), I’ve been itching to go online at home. I feel so ‘naked’ without my connection. T___T


  4. There was a recent survey where 46% of the women said they would rather go without sex for two weeks than be internet-less for two weeks. lol

    I’m an internet junkie too :P


  5. Oh I think I would die without internet connections… being connected shows that somewhat I’m still alive… and walking the world, or the INTERNET world anyhow… haha


  6. I feel the exact same way. I’m currently having to deal with the most unreliable internet connection ever and it’s driving me nuts.


  7. I’ve cut down a lot on the time I spend, mostly through changes in interests so when away it’s ok, the only things I really miss are emails. After a while I feel lost but then if away for too long I’ll actually start to dread returning for all the backlog to get through.


  8. Aren´t we all junkies? In these times??? :)
    If you are in Malaysia yet, you should put a Smile onto the world from this destination…you can do this on
    a freaky project for fun to let us everybody smiiiile!
    Maybe i can only post this on Wendy´s Blog, cause Boyz wont smile on ken´s `?? Connectin EVERYBODY§§&”&”§$`?`?(/”* :)


  9. I do!! I didn’t know it was that bad until I spent an entire weekend without my laptop because its power adapter broke. I was going INSANE. The thing is, when I *did* have my laptop it wasn’t so bad… maybe because I knew it was there, and I took it for granted. But never again :P *marries her laptop and lives happily ever after* :D


  10. Oh yeah, I can be such an internet junkie. There are only a handful of days a year where I don’t go online at all. Other than that, I’m plugged in every day! I’ve been trying to get involved with other things, though, like sports :)


  11. Hi Rin & Wendy,

    I would like to announce that I have managed to pull off what I said I wanted to do a month ago and it is all thanks to your site! Thanks!



  12. I’m sort of an internet junkie myself, but I don’t always need it desperately. If I’m really sleepy or I’m on holidays, I might go on for two-three days without it (whoa!).

    I’m with you Wendy!

    PS: I think you’re very sweet (I hope it doesn’t sound too creepy :) )


  13. I am a COMPLETE internet junkie. I do depend on the internet a lot. If someone were to tell me I would never be able to go out again, the first question I’d probably ask is, “At least I can go on the internet right?”

    Great quote! Will be posting it on my tumblr :)


  14. You’re in Malaysia? That’s awesome!
    I sort of do. That’s unless every minute of the day is really busy… I went on a roadtrip with my friends over the summer and on days when we were busy, I didn’t miss the internet but on boring days, I totally felt like I could as well have been naked if I couldn’t check my email at least once every 12 hours!


  15. Me too…and damn proud of it. :D


  16. Sometimes I feel the same :) I dislike not being able to check my emails.


  17. I’m the same.

    If I ever don’t have Internet access, I find myself becoming incredibly bored. Even though I don’t do very much when I AM on the Internet. :P


  18. I have not had internet in my home since October 7th. I do NOT know how I have survived this long because I DO feel so disconnected from the outside world, even with TV.


  19. @RiN: I’m in JB right now. They are having a promotion in this cyber cafe, which explains the cheap rate currently.

    @BoBo: I seriously didn’t know about that! Thanks for sharing :)

    @Regine: No, I don’t think it is creepy at all. Thanks for the compliment *blushes*


  20. Omg I can’t go more than a day without going online! I seriously feel so lost and empty without checking my emails and Twitter.


  21. Hi, welcome to Malaysia :D



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