Nov 2008

Creative Toilet Rolls!

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Lolz this is interesting…came across this post about toilet roll innovation in this thread in SGClub and decided to share them with all of you hehe.

I used to wonder why toilet paper is always white or beige in colour…why can’t they make it more colourful instead? Turns out that there is a company which has already looked into this idea: Renova. They are all packaged into a glamorous-looking container that matches the colour of the roll of toilet paper inside. In case you are interested in ordering, click here. Though it is a tad expensive at Euro 7.51 for 3 rolls. But that’s the price you gotta pay for design.

Just Toilet Paper is a company that specialises in, yea you guess it, toilet paper. They have various designs which you can customise for the roll in your house or if you are running of places to advertise your business, you can look into printing your information out on a TP roll.

Most people do have a habit of passing the time in the toilet by reading. There is a company which prints out comic strips but one problem is that it is printed out in Japanese. Another problem is that if someone else goes into the toilet besides you, you might be missing some crucial parts of the comic itself. Only feasible for those who are staying alone.

Or if reading comic strips isn’t your thing and you prefer to challenge your brain while you are err, doing your business in the toilet, perhaps you can consider the TP with Sudoku or even with mindbenders or puzzles on them. Guaranteed to piss off your family members who are living in the same house as you, particularly if there is only one toilet in the whole household.

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They are available for purchase here

Next we have a kids-friendly TP, putting a stop to kids using more paper than they should. Each square is imprinted with adorable puppy pawprints but every fifth sheet has a sweet puppy on it, showing your kids exactly where to tear. Very helpful indeed.

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Want to pull a prank on a friend on April’s Fool Day? This is an extremely cruel joke to play..only do this if you actually do not want this friend buy propecia no rx in your life anymore.

If you have a victim planned in mind, drive them nuts by purchasing the Revenge TP here

There are more innovative TP around compared to the run-of-the-mill one you have in your house right now. Go to Mental Buy Levitra Professional Floss for further reading and amusement lolz.

P/S: Images courtesy of Mental Floss



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  1. I like the sudoku one. It will take my whole life to finish a roll of sudoku. lol


  2. to advertise my business huh?

    yes.. i’m sure all my haters & business rivals would like to wipe their asses with my company’s logo…

    BUT!! it’s gonna cost them.. and i’ll get rich from the sale… hmmm……………


  3. @Horizon: Make sure that is not the only roll inside your toilet then.

    @WristBandMan: Lol..can be a consideration for side business :P


  4. First time I’ve seen this! Pretty cool.


  5. i like the sudoku roll!!!!! i wouldnt get of the loo

    saz xx

    bathroom suite


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