Jan 2009

Diet Plan: Motivation Needed

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Everytime after Chinese New Year, I will feel compelled to do one thing.

After all the pineapple tarts and prawn rolls and various goodies that I have gobbled down, I will start to feel guilty and feel the need to lose the weight I have gained from the self-indulged eating sessions I have gone through these past few days.

Any idea how to lose a significant amount of weight within 6 months? Actually this is sort of a rhetorical question because I know what to do to achieve this goal. I have done Order Generic Levitra Professional Online without Prescription it before but now I am doubting my own ability and discipline to repeat history.

So far this is what I fast kamagra have planned for myself:

  1. Cut down on what I eat and absolutely NO fried stuff. Sigh, I love fried stuff.
  2. Eat cialis amoxil online prix many small meals a day and only snack on fruits and healthy stuff. Means I have to get to throwing out all the potato chips that I have hidden inside my room.
  3. No buffet or steamboat except once in a blue moon. I tend to reaaaallly pig out during those, otherwise I won’t feel like I have had my money’s worth.
  4. Monitor what I eat; maybe keep a notebook to track what I have eaten for the day.
  5. Go to the gym buy propecia on the net five times a week. Which means I need to get moving TODAY.
  6. Drink as much water as possible. If I crave for coffee (which I do constantly), there is always the 2-in-1 black coffee waiting.
  7. Keep a cutout of slim and beautiful brides in their body fitting gowns to motivate myself constantly.

I guess I have had it all planned cytotec tablets out but the only thing that is missing from the plan is motivation. Or rather, the will power to maintain the regime for a long period of time, until next year June, when I am tentatively planning to hold my wedding banquet.

Any idea how I can keep myself motivated?



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  1. Hmmm… I think running and swimming helps a lot. My mum used to run daily in the wee hours of the day, she manage to cut down 5KG in 3 months. I swim in the past to get rid of my fat tummy and huge thighs. :(

    Another way to get motivated is not to buy new clothes (especially pants) when the old ones can’t fit anymore. This would motivate me to slim down so as to fit into those again. :)


  2. I was never a supporter of diets. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and do some moderate exercise each day and you will be fine. I find that restricting what you eat entirely and keeping food diaries doesn’t bode well for motivation – it’s too much to remember all at once that you will forget or give up. That’s my advice anyway. In my case, I try to change one thing at a time (change one thing a week, perhaps) and I’m much more likely to be motivated to succeed.

    Oh, and if you want fried food, try frying with olive oil instead of other oils/fat/butter – it’s actually pretty healthy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olive_oil#Human_health


  3. Wow, that’s a LOT to do all at once. It seemed unrealistic to me, but if you’ve done it before… All I can say for motivation is: you know what you want, now go and get it ;)

    Good luck! I hope it works out :)


  4. The way I stay motivated with my diet is to make small changes first, adapt, and then make more and more small changes with time to adapt in between until I get to the result I want. I’m now four weeks in and I’ve only lost a couple of pounds, but knowing I’m moving in the right direction is enough to keep me positive. If I’d tried to give everything up at once I probably would have given up on day 2. :(

    Good luck, I hope you get the results you want!


  5. Food diaries to me are kind of pointless, but hey, if it helps you, go for it. I think the most important thing is to exercise regularly (swimming is really good) and eat a balanced assortment from all four food groups. Not really sure about motivation… you want to look good for your wedding, right? :P


  6. Wow, that’s so cool, it’s like a double blog!

    Water + exercise are good goals.

    Cutting down on junk food’s so hard though – I can’t do it >.< Not enough self control ;)


  7. Just remember not to cut down too much, or take it slowly at first. I second Macca’s olive oil – although frying itself isn’t healthy, olive oil is, and it can be used as a dressing for so many foods. And use healthy models for cut outs, the unrealistically thin ones will only make you feel bad.


  8. Replace everything you drink with water. Its amazing how many calories you can get rid of just by doing that. Maybe instead of a diet, it should be a lifestyle revamp, this way the results will be more sustainable. Aim to eat healthIER (potato chips are a necessity to life in my book) and exercise more, the great body will come in time.


  9. Er.. you can start by placing a person’s photo whom you admired a lot in your room – whenever you look at the photo, I’m sure you’ll be motivated :P (Just like the tv shows) :P

    p/s: Is it me or the styling for the font has changed? o_O


  10. Sounds like a good/healthy plan! One thing I would definitely recommend is getting an account with thedailyplate.com (it’s free!). You add all the food that you’ve eaten today, and it’ll add up your calories/nutrients. Also, if you’re going for a specific amount of weight to lose, it will give you a recommended daily calorie limit. It sounds slightly neurotic, but it’s a good way to discipline yourself and give yourself a good idea of what you’re eating.

    Good luck! :)


  11. Going to the gym FIVE times a week? Wow. Now that is what I call some srs dedication.

    Watching the Victoria Secret runway lingerie fashion shows always, always motivates me to eat healthier and work out more.

    Good luck!


  12. Thank you!

    Luckily, it actually wasn’t that bad. I just set the camera on the floor and put it on self-timer. (Well… this was after the initial attempts of propping it up on the foot of my bed – and then it proceeded to fall off! Ouch.) ;)



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