Apr 2009

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

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When she came on stage, the judges rolled their eyes and the audience laughed, thinking cytotec order this is yet another person to make a fool of herself to get her 15 minutes cheapest cialis of fame.

When she said she aspire to be like Elaine Paige (the famous singer buy propecia online pharmacy who sang the ‘Memory’ song from CATS musical), again the audience sniggered.

Yet, this is by far the best performance amoxil buy of ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ I have ever watched…watch it yourself and tell me how do you feel!

I will not spoil the surprise ;)

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  1. Oh yeah. I saw that a few days ago. I’ll admit it… I thought she would be bad. But… just wow! :)


  2. I saw this a few days ago as well. Her voice is impressive. :)


  3. You really got me curious. I kept seeing her in the news but refused to watch… whoa…


  4. I saw this on Youtube, she’s amazing!


  5. I watched the video two weeks ago but I still can’t help but be blown away by her performance each time I rewatch the video. It’s just amazing that she has such an angelic voice and yet left undiscovered until now – knowing that she once participated in a singing competition back in 1999 (but got rejected) and also sang weekly for the Church choir in her little village. It’s a shame that her talents were not discovered earlier, but I’m glad that know she’s showing her true powers ;)

    You go girl, Susan!


  6. OMG! That was amazing. Looked like every single person was blown away. To think that such talent was undiscovered all this time. What a waste of a such a outstanding voice. Hopes she gets to cut a CD. I would love to hear her sing again.

    Adrian Lee

  7. Good luck Susan, you deserve it. You are an inspiration to everyone.


  8. Oh yeah. I saw that a few days ago. I’ll admit it… I thought she would be bad. But… just wow! :)


  9. Susan… I heard you were considering dropping out of the show. I sincerely hope you don’t! The world is a better place because of you, your voice… everything you represent!

    I won’t wish you luck on the show… you don’t need it! Just open your mouth and show the world how beautiful you are!

    Steve Brown

  10. wow,
    i’m using her story for an assignment
    she seriously has talent!



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