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Doraemon: The Robotic Cat from the Future

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I remember when I was young (around 10 to 11 years old…man, that was more than a decade ago!), I have always looked forward to the release of a new edition of Doraemon. Never heard proscar of Doraemon? You are definitely missing out on something!

Quoted from Wikipedia:

Doraemon is a robotic cat who travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a schoolboy, Nobita Nobi

It is one of the first Japanese manga to become famous internationally and the series were translated into various languages. I remember reading mine in the Malay language as I was living in Malaysia at that time. Doraemon was also Japanese first anime ambassador and was also aired as television series and feature films in cinemas worldwide.

I am not someone who is very into reading manga or comic books, but this series got me hooked, line and sinker. I remember how I would hoard my daily allowance (given generic cialis online by my parents for me to eat in the canteen during recess time in school) just so that I can afford a copy each time a new one was released. I would hide them purchase cytotec all over the place at home (behind the dressing table, under my bed, in the storeroom, etc) so that my parents did not find out about them because if they did, they would get furious I never ate during recess and used up all the money to buy the comic books instead.

But they still found out one day and I got caned :’(

But I digressed. The purpose of this entry is to tell you that if you have never read it before, there is a place where you can now read the entire comic series for free! And kamagra 100mg jelly best of all, the order generic amoxil whole thing is in English. You can find them here: Doraemon, Generic Levitra Online Pharmacy | Buy Levitra | Cheap Levitra | Order Generic Levitra Online without Prescription Doraemon Plus and Daichohen Doraemon. The first two consist of short stories while the last one is actually long stories describing an adventure each time.

What other cartoon/comic series which kept you occupied when you were younger? Do you still watch/read them now?



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  1. I like Doraemon cartoons when I was young though I still like it now. I don’t really enjoy the comics but I prefer the cartoons more. The moving animations are more appealing to me than static pictures. :p I really like Crayon Shinchan aka La Bi Xiao Xin when I was young. It’s so funny and entertaining.


  2. I have a Japanese-English Doraemon manga, I can’t say I’m very into it – it’s more of a Japanese language practice tool. ;) I never read many comics as a child – except maybe the Beano. :P


  3. hehe one of my childhood heroes. :)


  4. I’ve always loved comics! When I was little I used to read Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield. I even stole a Calvin and Hobbes book from my school library :P Later in my teen years I fell in love with Tank Girl, Ghost World and anything by Jhonen Vasquez or Yuki Kaori. I’ll check out those you posted. They sound really cute :)


  5. I never read any, but Digimon, Beyblade, and Yu-Gi-Oh all kept my childhood occupied. And Dragon Ball Z, of course. I don’t watch any of them anymore, though :(

    I didn’t even know what Doraemon was, but it looks kind of familiar, like I’ve seen it before.

    What’s with all the “mon” endings…? :P


  6. bwahaha!! Doraemon is so funny! I remember always getting jealous at Nobita, I hated him a lot though, because he’s cocky and stupid.


  7. I think I used to have a Doraemon clock :P I watched that show when I went back to China two years ago, it’s still so amusing to me.


  8. used to love it, but when one piece and naruto came out, i start to forget about all doraemon stuff..haha

    izzat aziz

  9. I think I have heard of this manga, I thought it was about the blue bob that was on tv along with Keroppi, and Hello Kitty… but maybe I’m wrong?? Haha, I’ll check it out!


  10. Eeks, I was about to suggest you to go to onemanga.com, hehe. That’s where I read the manga online.

    Hmm, I don’t think there’s really any manga that can catch my interest. I only read them when I’m bored :P


  11. Lovely Doraemon~


  12. doraemon is cute…so cute..


  13. I like to read and watch Doraemon because it is so amusing…


  14. My childhood was spent watching pokemon and after that beyblade. I loved beyblade a lot and had lots of dvds of it. I don’t watch it anymore though…..



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