Apr 2009

Effort, Discipline and Determination

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Many times I see myself whining about my own physique, my capabilities soft cialis tabs in coding, my lack of time to do whatever I want to do. All these are all attributed to the lack of effort, discipline and determination. It is a game which made me seriously ponder on the reason why I choose to keep whining and complaining instead of trying to make the effort to improve the weaknesses.


What games can teach you

I have been playing Street Fighter IV recently. It is a game where the ability to perform a successful link-combo will determine whether a match is in a propecia brand player’s favor. I have big trouble in the execution of these links. For a non-gamer, a link cytotec tab combo can be compared to a music tune, where the notes have to be played/tapped in strict and cocise timing, right to the fraction of a sec. A slight miscue of the timings will make the tune sound off-beat.

I have always whine about the strictness of the link-combos, until a veteran player whom I sparred with told me.

Not every expert is born with the ability to do link-combos at whim. These players take the time to go train diligently every single day, so that they can gain the ability to perform it. It is all sheer hardwork.


Suddenly enlightened

It suddenly struck me. All my years of complaining that I am fat, cannot pass IPPT (Individual Physical Proficency Test), I am not comparable to a real programmer due to the fact I came from a design background, how I walk in-between design and development, being a jack-of-all-trades but master of none… Did I really go do something about them?

Have… Really? Or do I not?


It is time to put some serious thoughts into it. What I am lacking in actual fact is Effort, Discipline and Determination. This is a world where people reap what they sow, and planting those seeds take time and effort to do.


I just do not have enough time… really?

Today I just told Wendy that I want to exercise, get rid of my fats. In such I will not get abrasion on my inner thighs whenever I walk too much and be able to dress better, feel less inferior/whiny about my own physique. In my mind I keep having the thoughts ‘I have not enough time’, but is that really the case?

These days after I sent Wendy back on my way home, I saw other people running on the running track. It was 9+PM. It dawned upon me that even they have been working and stressing over a hard day’s work, they still take the time to run and keep themselves fit. All I have been doing was sitting in front of the computer, surfing forums and sending roll emoticons over the chat messenger.

Yeah I know I am just plain lazy… It goes to the same as me trying to learn RoR (Ruby on Rails).


What I have to do

On writing this post, I hope that this time I will really put in the effort, discipline and determination to get better in the areas Buy Generic Levitra Professional Online without Prescription where I kamagra gold want. And of course be less whiny about things which I did not even put in much effort in. Now buy amoxil no prescription I stand by this sentence:

Things do not improve without any effort. Success comes only when hard work is put in.

Ok now I have to go train up on my Claw link-combo in Street Fighter IV. Freaking hell it is so hard…zzz



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  3. Very well-said.

    Sometimes, however, the problem is wanting to be a master-of-all-trades. You’ll need 48-hour days for that. =P


  4. 祝你们幸福。


  5. 网站很漂亮



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