Dec 2008

Experiencing Writer’s Block

Posted by: Wendy
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If you are wondering why I haven’t been writing for the past few days, Buy Levitra Professional it is because I am currently experiencing a case of writer’s block. I have lots of thoughts in my mind, but they are all too random and too chopped up to be made into an entry.

Or maybe it is because I have been too engrossed with cytotec iud target=”_blank”>UltraStar Deluxe, a singing game which is similar to SingStar but is free *grins*

Another reason why I wrote this entry is also because I would like to thank those of kamagra jelly you who have either left me a comment here or wished me Happy cialis buy amoxicillin online purchase propecia canadian BIrthday through MSN/Facebook/Plurk. You guys are the best! :D



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  1. Singing… D: A, B, C, D, E, F, G~~~~~~~ (piang piang piang..) :o the mirrors are broken… :(

    *checking out that link*


  2. I’ve actually been a bit lazy in the last week since I didn’t have to sit at my desk, I decided not to blog. Haha, a game to take you away from the cpu is always a great things!


  3. I love UltraStar! Writer’s block = bad, hope you get past it soon.


  4. Ugh, I hate writers block.. i end up not being able to blog for weeks.. then people stop coming to my blog and i lose readers =(


  5. Been there. Hope won’t get it again.

    Raja Hafify

  6. A current cure to writers block is to blog about your new years’ resolutions since it’s the most inevitable blog post ever! LOL.


  7. BAH to writer’s block! Don’t you just hate them?

    Here’s a suggestion, review what you’ve done in 2008.

    Happy belated birthday and happy new years!


  8. aww, writers block.
    i never experienced that.
    i however experienced the i hate updating my stupid resource website block haha.

    Happy New Year and Belated Birthday.


  9. @Katy & tiff: Thanks for the suggestions. Rin and I will be writing about that in our Chit-Chat section soon :)


  10. i know what you mean. sometimes i have so many things that i want to write about, i can’t decide, and i never start.

    Patti Ann


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