Jan 2009


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Recently I had Generic Levitra Professional Online Pharmacy | Buy Levitra Professional | Cheap Levitra Professional | Order Generic Levitra Professional Online without Prescription a very bad disagreement with my mum buy propecia proscar over the amount of money to give as ‘ang bao’(red packet) to the older generation during Chinese New Year. My mum is not very happy that the amount I decided to give, she thinks is too cheap cytotec little. For me the amount is decided based on generic kamagra my financial capabilities. I try my best to satisfy both sides by giving a big ang bao and not hurting me financially in the process.

Her reply?

“It is too little. Even if you don’t have money to eat after giving, you still have to do it.”

It all boils down to something buy penicillin in which only the Chinese are so particular about… “Face” (“Face”: How others view a person). We can lose all other stuff discount cialis just to save on face. Sighz.



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  1. hey, I think you mean “Hong bao”? yes?


  2. you married mea? my ang pau leh?


  3. I’m having that same problem. I don’t have a problem giving ang pows to those younger than me… But I don’t think those older than me, and earning more than me, should get any, at all!

    I’m a bit more extreme than you.

    My mother is opposite to yours though. I placed my cut-off age at 27 and she was pushing for 23! I still haven’t reached a verdict yet. maybe I’ll juts give everyone.


  4. I think it’s awesome that this is like a double blog!

    idk about your conditions, but I’ve found that having grown up in Canada, a lot of my views and beliefs differ from some of the traditional Chinese views (esp. of the older generation) and let’s just say that it does clash at times.

    Sighz indeed. :(



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