Dec 2008

Fear and Respect are Two Different Things…

Posted by: Wendy
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I was watching this movie, Ip Man, yesterday and came across this quote which left a lasting Generic Levitra Professional Online Pharmacy impression on me.

There isn’t any man on Earth who is afraid of his wife. There canadian cialis are only men who respect their wives.

So to the guys buy propecia 1mg out there, now you have a comeback line whenever your buddies laugh at you for prefering kamagra jellies to stay home/go shopping/watch chick flicks with your wife/girlfriend rather than getting drunk with them. If they ask which hen-pecked guy had said that, you can tell them it is the cytotec buy amoxil without prescription dosing target=”_blank”>grandmaster of Bruce Lee :P



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  1. Your site is way too pretty. I love the theme and the idea of having 2 separate blogs on one page.
    Thats a good quote!


  2. LOL Wendy hahas. Good excuse. :D *thumbs up*


  3. Awesome… and very true, I think ;)


  4. Let me refer my next boyfriend to this post… :P


  5. WENDY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! x33 ^^ I nearly forgot about it D: I actually jumped up from my bed and rushed online ahahas.

    Happy Birthday! ^^


  6. @RiN: Thanks for the birthday wish :D


  7. Lol xD That’s a good quote.

    Happy birthday! :)


  8. I don’t think there’s anything worth to tease about if a guy chooses to stay at home with his wife instead of going for a night out with his buddies :) being a couple means being willing to spend time with each other from time to time.

    p/s: Happy belated birthday Wendy! :D May you have a great year ahead!


  9. Happy belated birthday, Wendy!!

    I like the quote. Must go show it to The Husband.


  10. come to see the theme too



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