Jan 2009

Fear of Public Speaking

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I have been missing in here the past few days because I was so swamped with my assignments. I had two presentations today and they were just over around an hour ago. I am so glad to have gotten them out of the way, but I was so stressed out before the first presentation because all the presenters before me were doing so well! Thank goodness I got it out of the way and my tutor was quite pleased with my how to buy propecia online performance (I had to teach dividing a fraction with a whole number and that’s one of the most difficult topics in Maths. It might look easy, but it is absolutely not. Plus we are supposed to show how the formula comes about and not just shove it down the kids’ throat, like some of my teachers had done before).

Did I mention that I used to have phobia of public speaking? It all started when I was supposed to be in this story-telling competition when I amoxil purchase Generic cialis 10 mg Levitra Professional Online Pharmacy was in Grade 3 in elementary school and during the practise session, I went up to the front of the class and just completely blanked out. So I stood there for the next few minutes, feeling like a fool because everyone was looking at me and expecting me to say something.

From then on, I have feared taking the centre stage. But the ironic thing is when I went to a fortune-telling session about a week ago, the fortune teller told me that I belong on stage and will thrive when I have a large cytotec induction audience listening to me. Hmm.

You might ask: If you are so afraid of public speaking, why do you choose to be a teacher then? That’s like choosing a lifetime of speaking in front of 30 to 40 pair of eyes.

I believe that my passion for imparting knowledge is stronger and isn’t the kamagra generic greatest cure for fear is to stare it back in its face?



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  1. I have that same fear too! Hai. I absolutely fear speaking in front of people… and I too have a presentation to make this Friday, at AGM! @.@ *dies* It doesn’t really help when I’m in a department that speaks publically for a living. Feels very odd. I told a colleague of mine, “presentation is not my forte, that’s why i’m the only non-trainer in the training department”. Haha.

    For you, I’m sure you’ll do well. Passion is something strange, it can really help you push through fear. I’m sure you’ll have fun imparting knowledge to the kids next time! I guess that fortune teller was right somehow ;)


  2. I have to do a presentation in a few weeks as well.. And I’m not looking forward to it :P I don’t like public speaking either, but I’m going on a course to get rid of exam anxiety, and thus hopefully to get rid of public speaking anxiety xD


  3. I’m sure everyone has come across that fear at some point… I used to be really really really really shy so I couldn’t do it, but my mom would force me to memorize bible verses when I was a child and go on stage, in a dress, and speak into a microphone reciting it. That even increased my fear, until I reached adulthood, before that, I tried to goof off in front of people to make it not as bad, but I would always have the worst case of trembling, even in my voice! Now, I’m fine, I can do presentations and especially in front of clients and such.


  4. btw… i hope you don’t mind me linking you as I’ll be coming here daily :)


  5. And after some years of teaching you’ll probably overcome your fear of speaking in public, because you’ll get used to it.


  6. I think my public speaking has improved so much over the past few years (and I’m not just talking about school presentations) just because I’ve become more confident in myself and who I am.

    And hey, I’m sure you’ll get used to it very soon :)


  7. How ironic I came across your post. I am going through the same exact thing. I am considering becoming an Elementary teacher but lately my fear of public speaking has got in the way of me pursuing this. I feel like teaching is (one of) my passions and I have been so excited about it but thinking about all the presentations needed to graduate wrecks my nerves! Teaching kids doesn’t as much, it’s just being watched by your professor and 30+ adults who could probably do this better than I — it’s intimidating, I guess.

    But you are so right! No fear should ever get in the way of someone’s dream. If it means that much, you’ll continue no matter how much you are scared. In the end, it will only make it that much sweeter.

    Thanks for this!


  8. I have a fear of public speaking too… worse off, I have social anxiety. I’m considering going to therapy for it because it’s so annoying!


  9. I think it’s very brave of you to pursue a career which is pretty much the essence of public speaking, while battling the anxiety it brings. Keep it up! =)


  10. Hi Wendy – I teach computer music classes, so I feel you. I’m also a performer, and it took me years to get comfortable on stage. Let me tell you a true story:

    I used to work in the circus. I worked for a man who caught bullets in his teeth, and I was his MC – I talked to the audience. We worked at Circus Circus in Las Vegas for a while, and I shared a dressing room with 2 aerialists. “Flyers” are the royalty of the circus world, and they were very snooty to me for a while.

    But one day, one of them came up to me and said, “How do you do it?”

    “Do what?” I asked.

    “You know – talk on the microphone to the audience.”

    “I don’t know – I guess I’m just used to it,” I said.

    “Well, we think you’re so brave. I could never talk to an audience with a mic!” said the other girl. We became friends after that.

    This came from women who risked their lives on the flying trapeze three times a day.

    I’m just saying.


  11. hi, i have a fear of debating, while i’m in a debating cca.-.-”
    i’m still a JC student, i like to watch ppl debate, but when i go up there i get all tongue tied. i guess its pretty much the same when you fear public speaking. i think its really brave of you to consider teaching the way you do. i’m also considering being a lawyer, but it’ll be hard! thank goodness there are people like you around, who serve as inspiration for me not to give up on my dream. rock on!



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