Mar 2009

First Lessons & Best WordPress Design Award

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I finally have some time to breathe and write a blog post this weekend. I just finished the whole next week’s lesson plans + resources and am on the brink of exhaustion :(

Plus I have just had my first two lessons this evening…I am not sure how I should feel about it. The first one went pretty well I think…I managed to cover all the activities that I have planned for the class. The pupils buy antibiotics are surprisingly cooperative, maybe because this is my first lesson with them and they are still scared of me. I have learned that once the pupils get used to me, that’s when they will start climbing all over my head.

My second lesson was quite a challenging one because kamagra dosage of the lack of time…I spent quite some time organizing the kids into groups and the movement to form their groups was quite chaotic as they were not sure where to sit. cytotec tablet However, once I have gotten them into their groups, they functioned relatively well and managed to complete the task that I have given to them. Their vocabulary range is surprisingly wide for 9 year olds as well…they could come up with words such as ‘colossal’ and ‘humongous’ and ‘microscopic’! I don’t know about you, cialis soft tabs but I am definitely impressed by that.

Though I didn’t manage to finish a part of the activities, but I still think I have done alright…at least I have tried my best. I will be receiving my cooperating teacher’s feedback on Monday morning.

Teaching stuff aside, I have received an email this morning from Foress, one of the members of the WP Webhost Team to invite me to submit to yet another contest: the Best WordPress Design Award. Rin and I have decided to enroll this website in the ‘Best Modern and Elegant’ category.

That’s Buy buy merck propecia Levitra Super Active+ all for this update … March holidays is coming so I should be more free and able to write more at that time!



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  1. Wow you are right. That’s impressive vocabulary! I’m glad things seem to be going well. Though it might not be smooth sailing all the way but that’s expected and you’ve done really well! You Go Girl!


  2. I’m so exciting when I open your blog. Not only by you and your boyfriend but also by your wordpress theme, what a cool design!


  3. Ten years older than the kids and I probably still wouldn’t have come up with colossal! They do have a pretty big vocabulary. :)


  4. You’re on a roll!! It’s good when you have prepared far ahead, it’s hard to catch up or to portray your authority if you don’t have things managed beforehand. Hope it keeps going steady for you without burning you out!


  5. I like your site’s design! :)

    good luck!


  6. Hi,there,my,space,bar,has,stoped,working,weird!anyway,id,like,to,say,your,blog,design,is,awesome,


    Arron Davies

  7. Good luck for the contest! :D


  8. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ;)
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo


  9. Hello,

    I have a good friend who teaches small pupils too and from her I know that it can be a nightmare but also the best job on earth :-) I think the most important thing is to get their attention.
    Great blog and I the RSS icon is amazing.


  10. Hey – nice blog.. maybe a bit too much pink for me but what the heck! Best of luck with the contest.


  11. Hey Wendy! We haven’t heard from you since August! How are things going with the contest? Jane


  12. hi,

    nice site’s best of luck……

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