Nov 2008

Forever No. 2

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“No, cialis professional I like to be ranked no.2. Forever.”

This is my answer to a friend who commented, “Eh, Rin. You are quite good at Samurai Showdown. You can be number one in your area.”

This answer does not just pertain to games. It spans over other areas in my life like my career, my relationships with family and friends, my attitude towards life etc. This simple sentence holds a much deeper meaning than it seems.


There how to buy propecia online is always someone higher.

My no.1 reason. With a person/entity to chase after, I can easily find where am I standing and re-focus myself should I be lost in my goals and dreams. I seek to be as close to perfect as possible, for perfection is no.1 in the list. Thus my dream and goal is to strive to be the no.2 in whatever I chose to do, as I will have someone on top of me to keep me aligned and not veer out of course.


There is always room for improvement.

If I am the highest ranking in kamagra generic terms of something, wouldn’t it left me with nothing else to improve cause I am already at the pinnacle? Being no.2 is at a rank which I can Generic Levitra Online Pharmacy | Buy Levitra | Cheap Levitra | Order Generic Levitra Online without Prescription always look up, find my flaws and further improve myself.


There is always less stress and worries by not being at the top.

And of course, having less limelight as compared. Being at the top only means that the person/entity have to constantly keep his/her position in check, and constantly worry about the other contenders being a threat to them. Thus being a rank lower than the best, the stress level amoxil purchase is only maintained on “how to improve and win that person/entity”.


An unattainable dream/goal is always the best.

Dreams and goals are the things that fuel us to strive harder. If they are so easily attainable, one will get easily contented and stop improving. cytotec induction Thus having an unattainable dream is always good so that we can continue to work harder in pursue of our dreams.

So where am I now in the current standings for my dreams and goals?

Not even no.945615612 haha. I will continue to work harder to achieve my dreams.

P.S. Like what I always said to wendy, “I am a grade C husband striving to be grade A”.



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