May 2009

Freedom Soon…

Posted by: Wendy
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Practicum is going to be over buy cheap kamagra soon! 3 more days to freedom!

This last week cytotec pregnancy of practicum has been as hectic as ever, with me chasing pupils for buy propecia online cheap pharmacy their corrections, re-corrections and helping them to file in their work for parents to check through. It might sound like an easy thing Buy Levitra to do, but trust where to buy amoxicillin me it is not. It is in fact very tedious and challenging, made worse by the fact that we are running out of time as there has been so many disruptions this week, with the temperature taking exercise taking place twice a day in school.

Just hope this swine flu thing will be done and over with soon…I have wanted to have a short trip with hubby to somewhere after my practicum, but with this flu purchase cialis cheap scare, it is better for us not to travel far…



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  1. It’s over today right??? :) CONGRATS you survived!!!!



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