Jan 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Posted by: Wendy
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I finally know which school I am going to be posted to. Luckily I know some of the people who are going to the same school with me, so it is not that scary. I have to call the school on Wednesday to ask if they would like to meet me before I start my practicum training on 23 February.

Chinese New Year is also around the corner and I will be having New Year’s order cytotec online Eve reunion dinner with my parents in Malaysia tomorrow. I will Buy Levitra cialis buy propecia without a prescription professional Professional probably be spending hours in the immigration customs as there will be lots of travellers heading home as well.But at least I will have a sumptious dinner and New Year cookies to look forward to.

I will only be back in Singapore on Tuesday so I won’t be updating my blog until then. For those who are celebrating Chinese New Year, buy amoxil enjoy the celebrations and may your “ang pow” collections be more this kamagra fast year!

P/S: Ang pows refer to “red packets” containing money which are usually given to the younger generation during Chinese New Year.



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  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you! I’ve been hearing about these red packet things… I wish I would get money! :P

    Hope everything works out with school :) .


  2. Happy Chinese New Year!! I want an angpao from you! :P hehe..


  3. Happy Chinese New Year! I think I’m more excited for the dinner than I am for the money. :P


  4. Happy Chinese New Year to the both of you!


  5. Xin Nian Kuai Le! Wan Shi Ru Yi! Xin Xiang Shi Cheng!

    Gong Xi Fa Cai! Hong Bao Na Lai! XD


  6. Happy Chinese New Year! I hope you enjoy your dinner with your parents :)


  7. Happy CNY dear! So glad that you’re travelling back to see your family. It’s always nice to spend special days with special people.


  8. Happy Chinese New Year! Enjoy the good food :)


  9. Happy Chinese New Year to you too! Hope you enjoy the food, fun and excitement for this festival. :)


  10. Happy Chinese New Year. I hope you enjoy the meal! :)


  11. I did enjoy the food and celebrations :) My parents cooked up a feast this time round, much more compared to the past. I think I must have gained at least a few kgs these few days. Ang pow collection is not bad as well, but all will be going to the housing fund! :D



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