Oct 2008

Hello World Too!!!

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After a whooping straight 16hours of scripting yesterday and a few hours this morning, I’ve finally finish up the base theme for Rin-Wendy.com . A tedious task, but nevertheless buy generic cytotec worth the amount of time and effort put in. Hehe I kept the original “Welcome to WordPress!” post to remind myself Buy purchase amoxil online Levitra Professional of the date this domain and site is ready. Now I can proudly say,

“ZOMG It’s been a month and my site is finally ready to see the world. HELLO WORLD!!!! HAHA”

Though the base theme is completed, this site still needs alot of work. Please feel free to comment and post any errors you encountered in our site. Upcoming updates will be a “links and affilates” page and some plug-ins to make the site more robust.

*edit* I just finished tweaking some minor codes and get the website W3C standards compliant. Strange that W3C validator treats a soft tabs cialis tag within a javascript string as non-compliant code. In the buy propecia kamagra discount brand end I have to split out all my jquery codes from the main template header file into a separate js file in order for it to validate. LOLX.



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  1. Dear have done a good job with the site wor…I am a perfectly satisfied client! :p



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