Aug 2009

I am thinking…

Posted by: Wendy
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is it enough order cytotec dosing online cialis if I have already tried my best Generic buy amoxil without prescription buy propecia kamagra jellies 1mg Levitra Super Active+ Online Pharmacy but the end result is not to mine and others’ expectations?



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  1. I believe it’s enough. When you have done your best, I think there should be no regrets even when the results aren’t what you have expected. Sometimes, things just don’t go our way. No matter what’s the end result, you have tried and that’s all that matters. :)


  2. It’s enough, then you know you can do better next time, which is more important.


  3. I believe its enough. I dont know if u ever heart that: dont care about the result if u did ur best. Yesterday I format my system driver cause my os was broken and also I lost all data. Today I miss ur wp and cant remember the website, but thanks google. As I typed wp and Wendy(sorry i didnt remember ur husbands name), and ur wp is top one.


  4. I feel kind of lucky that we shared the same name. And suddenly i am in the mood for leaving my comment here, though I never done this before.


  5. Yes… when you’ve given your all, and even if the result isn’t what you or anyone else hoped for, the effort should be enough and that you can proudly say you’ve done your best, and you’ve done your all. In the end, people fail to see the progress is something valuable, more so than the end result because the result is not a clear thing… or absolute variable… it’s the race that counts.



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