Dec 2008

I love 13 Apostles!

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Came back from the annual chalet (resort) outing with the 13 Apostles gang and I love it! The trip was worth it, though I had tons of kamagra effects emails and work waiting for me when I come back.

Time really flies.

It has been 4 years since our first meeting and we are still going strong as a group of very good friends Generic Levitra Professional Online Pharmacy | Buy Levitra Professional | Cheap Levitra Professional | Order Generic Levitra Professional Online without Prescription that started off from a gaming guild.

I joined 13Apostles guild in July 2004. We were playing Ragnarok Online in a Singapore-based private server back then. There were many big guilds in the server, many offered their invitation and I chose cialis bestellen cheapest propecia the apostles. Very good choice I made back then, it changed my life totally from there.

Our guild group photo in Ragnarok Online

In end of year 2004 the guild decided to bring the online friendship out into the real world. Hence we had our first chalet outing, and weekly group meetings ever since. We had become a very close knitted, tight group of friends. And this group remains one of the group of friends that I really love to be part of.

Guild Logo

13 Apostles cytotec side effects FOREVER!!!

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  1. Apostles! Rock ON!


  2. Oh wow, this is the first I heard of an online realm friendship that came to real life and is continuing. Good for you guys!


  3. @Destiny

    Thanks. Yeah, it is astonishing to me that we could hit off so well in real life too. It is due to the fact that everyone in the group wants to keep the friendship going, thus we are having lots of meet-ups and activities.


  4. That logo is AWESOME! Did you make it? :D


  5. That sounds awesome! I don’t even play online games, but I can totally see the fun in making a group of friends online. And getting to meet them and hang out with them in real life is just an added bonus :D


  6. If anyone who is interested in joining our community please don’t be shy and ask about it :) We aren’t just a gaming group we also run alot of outside activities with the purpose of meeting even more new friends :) I’m sure Rin can help set up the oppotunity for new members to join our group.


  7. Wooo this RO pic really bring back the old memories.



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