Jun 2009

I need practical suggestions, mum.

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My mum, or my family members (excluding me) are very devoted to our Order amoxicillin antibiotic Generic Levitra Online without Prescription religion, buddhism. Having a religion is a good thing, as religion in overall teaches us to do good cialis buy cheap and not evil. However, it is not always a good thing to preach religion as a solution or suggestion to every single thing in life.

My mum always complain about why I never tell her many of my problems or my experiences in life. There is a reason for that. Every single time I approach her with a genuine problem, she will say, “Go pray and chant more scriptures. The buddha/goddess will lead you to the correct path you are destined to.” Worse, she will go on for hours to end repeating the same thing again and again.

I think over these years she still do not understand 7 buy propecia and proscar that I am a practical person. I prefer hearing realistic kamagra tabs suggestions and solutions other than divine intervention cytotec generic of sorts. I am neutral towards religions, neither I am utterly devoted in them nor dismiss them as blind faith. I am just not ready yet to embrace any religion as of yet.



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  1. Your blog them is very beautiful. Very Like it , and I am very envious of your life…


  2. I can totally understand that! It isn’t that I believe that there is no God or higher power, it is just that i don’t believe in them either. I see the moral values and ethical choices that most (if not all) religions promote. I understand the POINT of god, faith, religion, ethics, etc. I just don’t want to spend my (already limited) time over them.
    :) PS: I used to follow your blog a lot..about a year ago…before school became hectic :)


  3. I hear ya.

    Practicality is a function of relationship. If you’re looking for religious or systematic solutions to things, you’re not really honoring and placing the greatest emphasis on relationship.

    I only love Christ because I’ve come to receive what he’s done for me relaionally. Because of that relationship, I have a boatload of practical outworkings.

    Before I really got to know Christ, everything was a matter of systems, beliefs, and ideas. Since, I’ve gotten to know Him, I know how to love people. How to serve. How to be humble. Again, its not about the rules, but it’s about the practical outworkings of a loving relationship.

    By the way, I like your blog design…

    M. Joshua Cauller


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