Nov 2008

If Teachers Can’t Wear Bikini at the Beach, What Should They Wear?

Posted by: Wendy
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It’s amazing how much is expected out of teachers nowadays. They are supposed to be a friend, a kamagra kamagra counsellor, customer service officer (to parents) as well as a role model. A teacher is expected to juggle many personalities throughout her career…they are supposed order online cialis to keep their wild side well-hidden from the public and should continuously behave like an angel or saint even during off-office hours.

The moment there is a news about a teacher misbehaving, the public pounced on it as eagerly and as ferociously as a cat would pounce on a mouse. Teachers have been criticised for overspending, and recently for wearing a revealing bikini at the beach and posting pictures of herself in her personal blog. The latest news was MOE is investigating the case and the teacher has removed all the pictures from her blog, though if you are resourceful enough (hint: Google), you can still find remnants of the “condemned pictures”.

The interesting thing was the following days a radio station decided to broach this issue on air and listeners are welcomed to call in to express buying generic propecia their views regarding this issue. Most girls reported that they are unable to accept that teachers dress scantily outside of working hours while the guys are more accepting, saying that whatever the teacher chose to wear outside of school is her own business and we should be more myob. I can’t help but think: did the girls say what they said because they are jealous (the teacher did have quite a good figure, albeit too tanned for my liking) and did the guys claim that because they wished for more of such pictures to surface?

Teachers are human beings too, they have times when they just want to let their hair down and have some good ol’ fun. They should not be expected to remain a saint after school hours, it is tough buy cheap amoxil enough being that cytotec and abortion for the 8 (sometimes more) hours that they spent in school. If they have been a good and respected teacher during school hours, nothing will change that fact even if they are shot wearing bikini at the beach. If they are expected to remain a saint, then being a goody goody two shoes should be a requirement for everyone is applying for this job.

Anyway, back to my question, if they can’t Order Generic Levitra Professional Online without Prescription wear bikini at the seaside, what should they wear so as to be considered proper and decent?



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  1. Hi Wendy.. this is a problem everywhere. What you say is right. However the influence that they have on the young people’s minds are also true to a certain point. Sigh.

    What you asked about my job in the Ping shoutbox.. you were right. Just keep it low for me? :)

    BTW, there are guidelines about teachers blogging too…. :)


  2. Perhaps they should wear formal clothes that they wear during work. lol… people are being ridiculous, being a teacher doesn’t mean have to be a role model for everybody in every aspect.


  3. How about one of those old Victorian bathing suits complete with the big wooden bathing tents that go into the sea to provide ‘privacy and modesty’?

    Its like regression, seriously. Bleh.


  4. it’s pretty dumb. teachers are human too and they do have a life outside of work. the problem is, people out teachers up on pedestals. it’s not just teachers though. doctors, lawyers are not exempt.

    but because of the fact that teachers are the ones that primarily are in contact with impressionable young minds; that makes your profession more open to scrutiny. although to be honest, i would love to have gotten to know such kinds of hawt teachers when i was younger.


  5. I feel that the attacks on teachers are unfounded unwarranted. Teachers are judged and trialed different in public eyes just because they are people who are responsible of moulding the future of the nation. The problem is, why should be judge them differently if we acknowledge that they are people, just like anyone of us?

    I seriously don’t understand the public outcry. The teacher posted photos on her blog and not printed them on flyers and distributed them in public or in school, and her blog is her own personal space. I don’t get it why it’s wrong to do something like that. Plus, what’s wrong with wearing a bikini? Bikini is just a type of swimwear and it covers all sensitive areas of the body as well. Not as if she went skinny dipping, so I don’t understand why parents and members of the public are so tipped off.

    A teacher wearing a bikini when she goes swimming has nothing to do with her credibility and her teaching ability. Not as if she wears them in class, so what’s the problem? The problem lies with us – people who wants to dig up all the insignificant minute and yet irrelevant details and overgeneralise it to make it a point. They’re just trying too hard.


  6. @Bobo: No worries, I will keep it a secret for you :)

    @Maria: The job just comes with lots of expectations and responsibilities. Some people called it the occupational hazard lolz.

    @Alexis: You mean those one piece bathing suit?

    @Jay: I have seen doctors smoking though..nobody seems to make a lot of fuss out of it.

    @teddY: It has more to do with the fear that the pupils will lose respect for the teachers once they have seen the pictures. For teachers, it is definitely not advisable to live near your pupils…because you dunno when you might go downstairs to buy something in your shorts or pyjamas and they see you.


  7. I have written on this in my one of my notices if you managed to catch that.

    Actually, if you have read what I have written, you’d realise that this whole issue has to be ‘moved’ in such direction to show those folks 1. how the cute youngsters should be indifferent, hence putting buns into those silly mouths of the silly thinking people; 2. the civil aspect of this… you have to shown that there is only one government but end up two directions.

    Writing like this is probably useless, hence.

    There will always be those unreasonable conservatives who would cite this at 1., then you will those at the committees whom you need 2. to show them that they may need to rethink.

    Otherwise, this is a waste time telling them teachers are also humans… I know too well how those people think. LOL~

    Sadly to say, all notices in my blog never stay too long. Perhaps you can find a copy of it somewhere else.



  8. @Scope: Oh it is ok, I do not mean for this blog entry to be able to change MOE’s policies or anything, it is just a rant and opinion of my own…


  9. Firstly, it’s a regret your comment will be disappearing with the posting since notices at my side usually vanish after a few hours or so. Next time comment in another post will do. ;)

    Actually, when I started our as Scope, there is some considerations… not to be satire, not to go another 宋祖德-type style (, and since… Scope blog developed into what you see nowadays. Ever since I withdraw from the main circle, I decided to keep the traditions at Sohu in WordPress. Which then I decided, maybe try engaging the local netizens, but if I persist on engaging, I am afraid a simple comparison with the Sohu visitors will make Singaporeans online look exceptionally ugly… Oredi we have issues with notorious EDMW forum before and now with the children at

    About the Gwen issue… Basically, we have to take into account of a very strange, and ‘dino’ style of mentality in the civil side. While the MDA is opening up, presumeably as pop culture in movies and such are huge money, yet… MOE and many other ministries would still want to have such weird strongholds (eg) in such instance. And while arguing this issue, actually we do have another aspect to handle. You know, Singaporeans are very weird in thinking, and they spar once there is difference and reasoning is like virtually unnecessary.

    So, in the most simplified manner, how to hence say Gwen is right in such g-strings or not if she actually is guilty about it herself, knowing she is just vain…? Or is that even moral or immoral, which won’t be the judgement of Singaporeans, because deprived of culture as the basis, Singaporeans can’t be relied on such judgement as (eg) morality.

    Even Gwen, perhaps for the sake of her job would sacrifice what she thinks is right… or whether she knows it’s right or not with reasons would not be certain.

    Where blogging is concerned, I usually prefer to stimulate or stir the thoughts of Singaporeans online. Piss ‘em if it should be.

    BTW, if you have any friends interested to act, you may refer to me. I can do with some hands. :D



  10. You know, I looked for pictures of that teacher wearing her bikini.

    Yeah. I agree that if you’re going to pose suggestively, in a two piece–one piece of which barely covers your top portion enough to prevent it from being soft-core porn..
    AND THEN be stupid enough to post that crap on the internet..

    Yeah. You probably aren’t smart enough to be a teacher.

    I’m about to graduate with a degree in teaching. I’m 22. I like my body–so I still wear a two-piece out in public (though usually 2 or 3 counties away where I know “nobody” will see me), but I sure as hell would not, ever, take suggestive boob-shots of myself in said bikini and post them online.

    If I wanted to be a porn star, I’d audition. I chose teaching and so did she.



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