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Interesting Sites from 2008 Weblog Awards

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I was about to go to sleep when I decided to venture kamagra cheap over to the 2008 Weblog Awards to see how Rin-Wendy.com has been doing in the poll. And at the current moment, it is looking something like this:

Do you wish for it to look any different? Don’t forget to vote for us here, which you can do once every 24 hours :P

I have been sending out comments and e-mails to thank those who have voted but I know there are lots more who did the same but would prefer to remain anonymous…just wanna say here that we really appreciate the support. It means a lot to us :)

Alright, that aside, I have been hopping on to the other categories to see if there are any other interesting weblogs and that’s when I found this gem: Cake Wreck.

This weblog has a collection of various cakes that have been created for various occasions, including for Christmas, Get Well Soon, Happy Birthday to a Party Animal, Divorces and even a Vasectomy. It also showcase how cakes can be used to represent dragons, burgers and fries, and meatball spaghetti. I must say this unicorn here is really lovely. Do check out the links if you haven’t before, you will be amazed :)

So are you convinced to vote for it now in the Best Food category? I was thinking it actually fits better in the Best Humor category, but I cast a vote for it anyway because I think the site is just too awesome to not do so.

Another weblog which I found interesting is garfield minus garfield. This site is dedicated to removing the beloved Garfield from the comic strips so as to focus on the angst of the (in)famous cytotec asthma ginger cat’s owner, Mr Jon Arbuckle. I generic cialis cheap thought that it is an ingenious buy proscar effort and has casted a vote for it as well in the Cheap Levitra target=”_blank”>Best Comic Strip Category. Which was quite a dilemma for me because I love Dilbert and xkcd as well.

To end this entry, here’s something from xkcd which I thought was amusing:

I still <3 Maths though ;)

Have you found any other interesting cheap amoxil sites that you would like to share with me?



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  1. I still think the current first placers are dull. What do people like about those?? Unless of course, it’s then voting for themselves through proxies and whatnot. Voted again, of course. Still think you should win! XD

    Haha the cakes are brilliant. I loved the divorce one, but the green icing on the vasectomy one makes me sick D:

    Remove Garfield? Never! I’m one of his biggest fans. I do agree, however, that Jon does a lot to enhance his appeal :)


  2. When someone linked me to the Garfield minus Garfield website a while ago, I read all the comics that were up. Now I’m going to catch up on the ones I haven’t seen yet xD I love it.

    The cakes are really cool, too!


  3. @Vera: Thanks again for the support ;) Actually the Best Blog Design category is not so bad in terms of voters using proxies to vote…there are other categories where the participants are encouraging their readers to vote via proxies and that’s how their vote count shot up by thousands overnight. Pretty unfair I would say, but heh, that’s life :(

    Kaylee: I have been reading the strips ever since I found the site. Though I did find it a bit weird that Garfield is missing from the scene.


  4. You should be first place instead of them. T.T LOL! I like Garfield but the Garfield Minus Garfield website is indeed a very funny idea!!

    My Linh

  5. I was looking at that cake website earlier… the congrats on the vasectomy… seems a little odd though.


  6. I’m not saying this because I [blablabla] but I went to the website that received the most votes and I still think that yours is better than theirs ._.

    *voted again :x *


  7. I found this one!

    Jen W.

  8. Me too! Beautiful, clean design makes me happy, and your site just drew me in and made me smile, especially the ingenious way you share it with each other and your life. My son found Garfield minus Garfield a couple of weeks ago and showed it to me – very unique concept.

    I’ll be voting early and often.


  9. I voted for you guys! You aren’t doing too bad, I believe you are in 4th or 5th place? WOOHOO! Good luck!



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