Dec 2008

It’s the Thoughts that Counts – Really?

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This is probably the saying that will be repeated the most times during festive season or any buy kamagra soft href=””>amoxicillin dosage other time when gift is exchanged.

It’s the thoughts that count.

How true is this? Do you cheap cytotec online really not mind getting a pair of rainbow-colored socks with best wishes from your beloved Aunt Mildred for Christmas, with her urging you to parade it for the whole brand name propecia online family to see Cheap Levitra Super Active+ on Christmas day? After all, poor Aunt Mildred might have spent hours knitting the socks so we can’t say that no thought has been put into the gift.

What cialis reviews was the worst/weirdest presents you have ever received and what did you do with them?



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  1. I don’t think I’d really mind getting a pair of rainbow-coloured socks for Christmas. :P
    The worst/weirdest present I’ve ever gotten was probably a bottle of wine, and I think it’s safe to say in my case that the person put no thought into my gift whatsoever. :|


  2. Rainbow colored socks actually seem kind of fun. The worst present I got was probably a calculator for Christmas… I felt like such a nerd. XD


  3. Rainbow colored socks probably wouldn’t see the light of day for me because I don’t wear socks unless I’m going out. I could wear it out my house, but depending on how thick–no.

    My mom actually got an ice pack from my aunt last year. She popped up out of nowhere and didn’t bring any presents, so her impromptu present was an ice pack from out of her car. Cheap as hell. I don’t even know if my mom still has it.

    My sister gave me a lamp that has water and glitter and it lights up when you shake it. It’s not weird technically, because I love it. But its shape can fool people into thinking it’s a sex toy. ROFL

    Nat Marie

  4. I don’t think I will mind as long as I received some thing :P hahas.


  5. I love rainbow-colored socks — I actually have a few pairs! Hahaha :P I know what you mean, though. I think that saying is really just a cop-out/lame excuse for not putting some effort into a gift or for people who didn’t get you anything. If the person didn’t buy anything for me and I bought something for them, I’d rather they not give me any excuses! I won’t indulge them by saying “it’s the thought that counts” XD


  6. I haven’t received any weird presents, but I’m sure I’m gonna get a toaster this year, and I think it’s boring when I wanted a mini PC. But for me it’s the thought that counts really, if there actually is thought on the gift.


  7. I once got a nail art kit that was aimed at seven year olds, when I was sixteen. I gave it to my mum to give as a present the next year.

    I wouldn’t mind rainbow-coloured socks.


  8. I once got a Britney Spears CD from my uncle who clearly had no clue about my taste in music. I still appreciated the thought, though. Sort of. :P


  9. I love socks! I ask for socks for Christmas/birthday! Normally, I don’t ask for Christmas presents, because I’d rather people be willing to give them to me, but the weirdest present I’ve ever gotten might be the dozen panties I got from my friends.

    It was weird, but very useful, I don’t really need to go underwear shopping any time soon.

    It really is the thought that counts because they shipped it all the way from the Philippines to me here in Canada :P -insert mushy lines about friendships and distance-

    Three more days till Christmas! :D


  10. Rainbow-coloured socks ftw!!

    I think it is the thought that counts :P Of course, I expect people who give me gifts to have the *right* thoughts!


  11. well i never ever got a gift i didn’t like.
    i once had a pack of morning glory paper and 2 pencil which i didn’t like because well it won’t be there forever i would use it. lol


  12. With me it truly is the thought that counts. If someone took even one second to pick out a present just for me, it makes me feel so wonderful.


  13. Yup
    Everyday is good day
    I’m optimistic


  14. Wendy,

    It appears that aunt’s are the same in most of the world. While I have not recieved rainbow socks, I do know of friedns and family who have recieved Christmas socks with bells or lights attached. I think all one can do is wear them while the gift giver is visiting, and only during the Christmas season.

    While some people would hurt the feeling of the gift giver by making comments on how unwelcome or low class a certain gift might appear, that defeats, and unkindley so, the entire reason for gift giving.

    Compassion toward the gift giver is always the best course of action. Why hurt someones feelings and/or damage a relationship or freindship?

    An interesting blog, with you and your husband sharing input!

    Merry Christmas from the U.S.A!



  15. In most cases, I think it is the thought that counts. If I’m not particularly close with the person (i.e. it’s not one of my parents or siblings), then I’ll say “thank you,” take the gift, and be all smiles even if I hate it. :)

    I’ve got some pretty bleh clothes as gifts before. What do I do with them? Nothing. I just don’t wear them, and I give them to charity later.


  16. The WORST present has to be a pair of cheap earrings and necklace that was in a fuzzy pink box, probably bought from K-Mart.

    Now I’m all for cheap jewelry, but this one actually looked cheap and it was ugly.

    It is not the thought that counts, unless it was from a child.


  17. It IS the thought that counts! I love it when people get me something that seems really random but then they explain the reason why they got me that gift and it makes me feel so special! lol. Like my little brother bought me plain white socks this year (I had to wrap them for myself so I know :P ) and his reasoning was that he noticed that I was always trying to do my laundry because I don’t seem to have enough socks so he wanted to help.



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