Jul 2009

Learning things on the go

Posted by: Rin
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Recently I’ve taken up a project that is out of my current league. As in, honestly I do not have experience nor the skills of it at all. Every single little thing which I create for that project is due the result of hours of scouring the internet for tutorials, cheat sheets and snippets. I cannot remember how many times I’ve ‘discovered’ the cause of my frustrations as to why a particular html code never showed buy cialis cheap up is due to my own negligence. (For example, forgetting that I have disabled a default php print code at the beginning. I thought I would not be needing it in future haha…)

Although I am pulling my hair out freaking stressed brand name propecia online over this particular project. It does has its perks. I am learning new things Cheap Levitra on every step in this project. cheap cytotec online Now I am crossing my fingers hoping that my little expedition yield results and can complete the project in time before buy kamagra soft the deadline.

Time to continue scripting, hopefully the blue drop wun give me anymore problems tonight. I don’t have much hair left… amoxicillin dosage



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  1. I feel you pain Rin… I’ve done the same a few times with clients.
    But yes, like you said, it’s those tough projects that makes you learn a lot of new tricks. Else, you might never take the time to do it.

    Look at the bright side… You get paid (I hope) to learn!

    Keep it up!


  2. so nice!


  3. Oh yea, I know this only too well. But when at least you finished your project and all works well, you will and can be proud of yourself. Wish you the best and not too much stress (without it it would not be so interesting ;-) )

    Billig Fliegen

  4. You are great!

    Jimmy Liew

  5. What an awesome template you have for this site! Good luck on you project!


  6. Success begains from accumulation, hope you will succeed in your project…I am working hard to operate project too


  7. your website’s so nice!



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