Apr 2009

Lovely Long Weekend

Posted by: Wendy
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So two (major) things happened over the long weekend…

  1. CATS musical – A musical that I have been waiting cost buy kamagra online for cialis to watch since many years ago. I finally got to watch it last Saturday and it was as amazing as I had expected it to be. However, I still prefer John Patridge as Rum Tum Tugger as can be seen in the CATS DVD. I think it could be I have placed a high expectation for this role as he happens to be my favourite cat in the show :D I do love Mr Mistofelees and Grizabella in the musical though ;)
  2. I cut my hair short. As in, super short. Those who will get to see me in real life tomorrow will be shocked. The last time I had such a short hair was like, 5 or 6 years ago. Order propecia tablets Generic Levitra Professional Online without Prescription I believe I have been growing my hair ever since then…hence before I cut it yesterday, it had reached my waist. I am not quite happy with the haircut though because the ends are all frizzy and curling up, thanks to my naturally wavy hair. I am going for rebonding in the next two weeks so until then, I will have to bear with my broom-like hair for now :(

But I am glad this is also the first weekend since I started my practicum that I feel more relaxed and felt I have more time for myself. Besides getting a haircut cytotec uses and going for musical, I also went for my first pedicure in 2 months time! :o

And it’s back to work tomorrow, with possibly two observations antibiotics buy on Monday :(



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  1. I had a music theory teacher a few years ago who loved Cats, so that’s when I first heard about it. I love the music, though I must say their stage makeup scares me a little. :P I’d love to see it one day though.


  2. OMG! Are you like my long lost twin?! I have been waiting for years to see CATS and have tickets to see it at the end of this month! And, I recently cut my hair shorter than it has EVER been! Wow, what a small world. :D


  3. I love CATS too!! But didn’t get tickets to watch because I sort of lost track of all dates and such due to work. Glad it was as amazing as ever. I had a dream about cutting my hair short and my hair’s at its longest in about 3 years since I shaved it all off. Hmm, maybe its a sign, time to snip, snip snip.



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