Nov 2008

Money woes

Posted by: Wendy
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I have been having a lot of worries in my head lately. Esp about me getting a house together with dearest hubby…and getting a house in Singapore = spending a lot of money. Worried about whether we will be able to get a loan from HDB to finance our house purchase…I know it is a bit too early to worry about that, but I can’t help it. I am a worrywart by nature :(

I have always known that money is a tricky issue in a marriage…I don’t like to worry and talk about it though because I am someone who doesn’t care much about being rich. I am contented to be able to have enough for me to eat and to have a roof over my head.

Oh, and maybe enough to buy some cosmestics, 7 buy propecia and proscar cialis reviews nice dresses and bags once in a while. :P You can’t deny a girl that. It will be totally sad.

I have read a thread recently in a forum which I visit frequently about a girl kamagra tabs who claimed she will only marry a guy once she is convinced Cheap Levitra Super Active+ he has 70k stashed inside his bank account. A few others replied and said they will not tolerate anything less than amoxicillin antibiotic 50k. I can’t help but compare myself to them: are they too materialistic or am I too impractical?

It has never come across my mind to set such a price tag on a guy before marrying him. I am more cytotec generic concerned about his personality and whether both of us can click. I always think that if both of us truly love each other and he is someone who is responsible and willing to work hard, we will have no problem surviving. Doesn’t matter if he has $0 in his bank account at the point of our marriage. For me, money is something that can always be earned, as long as you are willing to throw in the effort.

Call me a hopeless romantic, but I want to marry for love, not for money. Maybe that is why, sometimes I find it so hard to broach a discussion about money and why it is such a sticky subject for me. But I know such discussion is necessary even if it can be a bit stressful to delve deeper into the topic.

Even writing this entry is difficult for me. Bah.



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  1. I think you’re great. It’s not being impractical, it’s being unmaterialistic. Money can always be earned, and it is not a good gauge of whether a guy is good husband material. For example, he may be rich but has affairs. Or he may be rich but is a habitual gambler. Likewise, a poor man may become financially stable and people can be happy together. The world doesn’t need more people who only like to see money in bank accounts.


  2. Yeah money is a tricky issue… A lot of a times I am also wondering about the feasibility of my career now, Haiz.


  3. My dear girl.. stop comparing yourself with other girls you read in the forums.

    No money to start together.. not a problem. The thing to do is.. to look to the future.

    It depends on how the both of you work together hand in hand to build it up.

    Little sweetness here and there. little tokens of love.. are things which money cannot buy. And when one person is rich.. all these little tokens of love…. probably become non existent.

    Treasure what you have. dun keep on thinking about those stupid 50k or 70k. It will not make your situation better if you keep on doing that. Rather spend your time thinking how to make more money together…. how to love each other more .. that.. is more effective.. and character building.


  4. Thanks everyone…we will work together towards our goal =)

    Marriage is all about teamwork! :D


  5. Wendy~ I am also like you. Marry for love not for money. So if I can click with my future husband, then I wouldnt care much if he dont have even $1 in his bank! Like you said, money can always be earn and save together.

    And HC is so true! Little sweetness here and there + a responsible hubby is enough already.



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