Dec 2008

My Saturday in Singapore

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I saw this great idea being posted at the Struck forum and thought it would be interesting to be one of the participants :) You are most welcome to join in this themed blogging as well…find out how you can participate at the end of this entry :P

I am a very simple person. What I like most, and look forward to during weekends, is that I am able to sleep in without feeling guilty. I love the feeling of being able to sleep late the night before and waking up at any time I want on Saturday, knowing that I do not have any plan lined up for the rest of the day. That means I will wake up knowing I can laze around doing my favorite things for purchase amoxil online the rest buy generic cytotec of the day without worrying about jobs which are not done or responsibilities which have not been carried out.

My perfect Saturday would involve having a breakfast served buy propecia brand to me at bed, with omelet and a bowl of strawberries with cream and a mean cup of hot coffee to complete the breakfast set. I heart omelets! After that, I will take my time to savor the drink and the dishes without needing to feel rushed or harried.

I might also drop by the library so that I can find a wonderful book to read. The book should be interesting enough to keep me engrossed for hours; recently I have found too many books which seem to be extremely interesting during the first few pages but somehow turned dull towards the middle.

When me and hubby dearest get our own house, we look forward to cooking our meals together during weekends as well. It is great to be able to shop for the ingredients together in the supermarket (we have done this a few times so far). It is such a simple, everyday thing to do yet it has always given me the fuzzy cialis soft tabs feeling. If you haven’t, you should try this out :) The dishes do not need to be elaborate though, don’t cook something that will make you frustrated and have a potential to burn up your kitchen if you are a beginner at cooking :P

As I have mentioned before, I am not a gamer but there are a few exceptions and games which will keep me hooked for a few hours at least. I am currently enjoying this game called Rockband, where you can take turns to be the vocalist, guitarist, bassist or drummer in a rock band. The songs can be downloaded online and there are a few songs which are an absolute favorite of mine such as this, this and this. However, kamagra discount I don’t play the instruments because I have some serious hand-leg-mind coordination disability so I only hog the mic during the game. I am looking forward to playing SingStar in a few weeks time as well (It has been hinted that shall be my Christmas-cum-birthday present this year :P

So that’s how I would spend my Saturday…pretty boring I know but I am not someone who will hit the clubs or pubs. I do enjoy going out with friends to hang out though, but if everyone happens to be busy on a Saturday Order Generic Levitra Super Active+ Online without Prescription the above are what I would do.

If you are interested in writing this topic as well in your blog, do leave me a comment so that I can link you up and do remember to post the link to your entry here as well!

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  1. That sounds excellent. I wish I had the time to relax like that! I’m usually running around with my head cut off all weekend, and then it’s right back to school.


  2. My perfect Saturday will be to go Jogging with a few very good friends at East Coast Park. After that, we shall sit at the coffee bean for a real chit chat. I hope I can enjoy my life to the fullest!

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