Feb 2009

New Toy : Street Fighter IV PS3

Posted by: Rin
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Got my new toy yesterday. Spent a couple of hours cialis without prescription messing around with it. In short, the buy fast propecia sildenafil kamagra PS3 version is a very good release of Street Fighter IV, staying true to the arcades (unlike the PS2/PS1 ports of fighting games) with new characters. order generic cytotec

Hurray for lesser trips Cheap Levitra to the local arcades just to play SFIV. Hurray for the online challenge feature, online pharmacy buy -blog no more asking my friends to play the game when I know that it is not the genre they like. This is certainly the best PS3 game I have ever bought. (Hmm, come to think of it, this is my 2nd PS3 game lolx)

Next Toy in line: Hori HARP3 Joystick.



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  2. so cool


  3. 我觉得PS3上的街霸一般般了,格斗类的不是太喜欢。


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