Nov 2008

No Yoga, Short Hair or Dress for Muslim Women in Malaysia

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In Malaysia, apparently they are going to implement the law of banning yoga for the Muslim community because according to the Islamic leaders back there, the yoga practice contains Hinduism influence which might discount cialis corrupt the mentality of the Muslims.

Islamic Leaders in Malaysia Ban Yoga for Muslims

That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.

Are they going to ban other types of exercises as well, such as tai chi and qi gong, just because they have influence of Taoism? I do not understand why some people just want to drag in religion into everything that they can think of, when it is plain that most people see yoga as yet another form of exercise and a way to promote healthy lifestyle.

I want to be proud of my home country where I was Order Generic Levitra Professional Online without Prescription born in, but it is getting harder cheap propecia online when more and more ridiculous rules are being set there. Why can’t they focus on things that matter, such as corruption, which is definitely against the Islamic law?

Apparently, they also banned women from behaving and dressing like men because it is supposedly forbidden by the religion and claimed they implemented the ban to save the Muslim women from turning into lesbians. I fail to see the connection between turning lesbian and dressing masculinely.

I kamagra tablets wouldn’t be surprised that one day we are not even allowed to wear pants in buy order amoxil online cytotec generic Malaysia anymore.

Oh, wait. It has already happened. It is not a legal law yet, thank God for that.

Muslim ladies are forbidden to sport short hair and dress, talk or behave like a boy because it is a sin.



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  1. Why they waiting so long until so much muslim practice yoga only announce this? Let them do whatever they want, as long as they don’t forbid non muslim practice yoga.


  2. It’s not just Malaysia, Wendy. A while back there was a group of Conservative Christians in the U.S. that wanted to ban the practicing of Yoga in a school because they felt it was “indoctrinating the students into the Hindu faith.” I never found out what became of it, but I found it to be a silly lawsuit. I agree with you, people never focus on the big issues. If they did, we wouldn’t have world hunger, etc. :|

    Anna Kirstin

  3. It’s ridiculous. However, I don’t really understand how it can be a law for the Muslim community though, as opposed to everyone.


  4. ROFL! Yo Wendy. I’m a Malaysian. tsk, I can tell you that I dislike my own country -,-… ok, maybe I only dislike it because of the laws and some rules.

    My sister showed me a Muslim girl’s blog about yoga (forgot the link) and a lot of Muslims are scolding her because of that activity. I’m just curious that is this illegal to do yoga, a healthy activity? I saw a question asked by one of the Muslim:

    Q: If you say that yoga is the same as doa (pray), then why don’t you just pray?
    A: Then go pray for your whole life then.

    tsk, I know the question sounds a bit weird. I think the lady actually says something about yoga is healthy as pray.. yaiks I’ve forgot.

    Oh and, the rules for wearing pants.. well I was flamed by that. My chinese seniors held a camp in our school (malay school) during the holiday and of course, we Chinese wear jeans + T-shirt, right? So there was a teacher who happened to pass by when they were discussing about the activities at the canteen. That teacher actually scolded them for wearing jeans and T-shirt. Hello? Yes they did wear jeans but it’s holiday and it’s a camp for the Chinese Club, they aren’t going to catwalk or anything so what’s the point for her to scold? *irritated still*

    We have a discipline teacher who is very strict but she’s kind of a modern malay lady. The best thing is she wears jeans! I thought Malay people aren’t suppose to wear jeans? When I go to the shopping mall, a lot of Malay people are wearing jeans. *feel like flaming them*

    LOL I have written a long comment :/ tsk. I’m just flamed by the rules which have been written but not being followed. They just know how to say, but they don’t know how to do. *roar*


  5. mmm this has got to do with religion and faith ba. How closely people want to follow their religion should really be their own business. If someone chooses not to sing KTV (I know of some) becos their voices are meant to honour God only, then it’s their choice. If people choose to be selective in their choice of food, it’s also none of our business really.

    However, making it a law… seems to defeat the purpose of religion really. People should follow the practices of their own religion but not be coerced to do so.


  6. Year by year Malaysia’s society is slipping backwards against time. Sometimes I feel so ashamed to be a Malaysian, a citizen of a country where politics were dirty and blatantly obvious that they were manipulated in one way or another, where corruption is rife and takes place under broad daylight (we call the police ‘licensed robbers’) and where there is so much restriction and discrimination based on fatih, skin colour and religion. Many institutions do not uphold meritocracy, the univeristy goes by religious/ethnic quota (wow, that’s meritocracy being thrown out of the window) while the government and political leaders whine about the brain drain (like me – I left Malaysia for Singapore in hope for a better, more transparent education system and governance) and yet do nothing about it.

    The ban on yoga is just another addition to a million of such things. Bit by bit Malaysia is actually devolving, our society’s development being thrown into reverse gear. Politics happily embrace religious extrimism, with Malay politicians claiming that Chinese and Indians being given citizenship is a privilege (what a load of bollocks – those are fundamental human rights).

    Thank God they’re not extending the ban to other races. Only Muslims were affected. And last year a city in Malaysia called Kota Bahru passed the ban on red lipsticks and stilettos. What an insult to a country in a world where we promote equal rights for both genders. In secular states, they even have separate swimming pool for each gender – I find that horribly absurd and hilarious.

    I believe that people practice yoga for health reasons and not everyone that practices yoga sees it as a religious thing.


  7. Ahh, well, religion breeds every kind of psychopath. I’m a little disappointed because I’ve pretty much only figured Christians to be the ones who would use the law to try and make everyone act and believe the same way as they do *COUGH*Goldencompass*COUGH*SarahPalin*COUGH*. Ahem. Anyway, I’ll be grateful if the Muslims continued leaving people from other religions alone. Ban and practice whatever you like within your own faith but leave mine or my lack thereof alone.


  8. I think Bobo hit the nal on the head, people do yoga for health reasons, not for religious reasons. Whilst there is no doubt a religious connection with Yoga, there is also the same connection with other martial arts and exercise practices. I think it’s a shame that Malaysia seems to be moving towards a religious state as history has taught us that men use religion as a cosh to keep others under their control. Faith is a personal thing, religion I believe is something that should be Banned, not Yoga!


  9. There are so many things I want to ask you about this Muslim law. Does this mean it can’t be practised in public or does it outlaw yoga in private too?

    Ben’s History of Yoga

  10. That is a shame that societies still prevent women from doing so many basic things. Hopefully one day we can move past these laws.

    Philip James

  11. I’m a Malaysian muslim woman who has found the discussion on your website enlightenning. The ban on yoga in Malaysia is for the Muslim community. I’m amazed at how comments are made without full knowledge about Islam or Muslims. Islamic rules are for muslims . A muslim woman who covers her hair in public for modesty can wear it as short as she wants and in any shade of colour;she can also wear shorts , bermuda , jeans, in the privacy of her own home.

    Respect for religiuos beliefs and ideas are paramount for different races to exist in Malaysia. I do agree that there are problems in Malaysia but the misconceptions I’ve seen here are a major stumbling block towards unity
    , peace and understanding.

    Unfortunately some muslims are ignorant of their own faith and therefore I encouraged non muslim to find out more about islam before they criticise a faith that they obviously ignorant about.

    From history we know that muslims ruled Spain from 711-1492 and the Jews had their ” Jewish Rennaissance” during this period. Jews, Muslims and Christians co-existed peacefully and prospered.
    Muslims ruled India for more than 500 years and the Hindus were allowed to freely practise their faith. Muslim in India today are a minority and this is an example of how Islam does not compel others to the tenants of their faith.

    The Quran emphasis the rights of other to their faiths. A verse from the Quran. Say Oh Muhammad, ” I worship not that which you worship. Nor will you worship that which I worship. And I shall not worship that which you are worshipping. Nor will you worship that which I worship. To you be your religion/faith and to me my religion or faith.”

    Discussions on Islam and bans on Muslims by non Muslims are of course a freedom of choice but it should be done with understanding and knowledge. I have read about sexual abuses by Catholic priest in the media but does that reflect the whole of Christianity. Of course NOT

    Nadia Ibrahim

  12. I feel the Malaysian authorities would have got some personal favor in return to enforce the law ;) There are lot of other serious things to worry, atleast they could have destroy the caste system instead of banning yoga! That would do some good, really.


  13. no offence to the religion but i think by taking up/interested in yoga is more of a health n personal reason, which the religion should take this into consideration rather than forbiding ppl from taking up. Being religious helps one to maintain the moral rights and value but being to strict makes the whole issue a laughing stock. I still read lotsa crimes involving peole of the same what does it tell?


  14. after enrolling on a Yoga Class, i am not stress free and is more relaxed than ever. Yoga is really very helpful both in physical and mental health.

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  15. i am currently enrolled in a Yoga class. the health benefits of Yoga on myself is great. I am more relaxed and i can sleep well at night.

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  16. One of your readers made a comment “That is a shame that societies still prevent women from doing so many basic things” to this I would like to add, I agree completely. In addition the thired world countries are even worse then here in the USA.

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  17. I find that to much control of anything can be bad. Religion as whole keeps our lives grounded and centered. I feel that Yogo is an additional tool to assist us in being grounded at all times.

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  18. If the Muslims in Malaysia find Hinduism influence in Yoga, why don’t they make some changes in the yoga practice with Muslim practices themselves? Breadth control and forming postures are the main goal of yoga. – Simon


  19. The thing is; some people have nothing to do. They like to judge and comment. You know, if its not yoga, then its something else. if they are not muslims, they will still find issues with whatever they want to find. Those are the people who loves to pick on the tiniest things and make it the biggest deals and out of proportion than the real thing. And you can find those kinds of people in every race, every nation and every gender.

    And ANOTHER thing is, most Malays from Malaysia are from Kampung. Because lets face it, Malaysian lands are/were mostly country. I mean, in ANY country there will be original people from that land who well, comes from that land. Meaning, kampung. So most malays from malaysia are from kampung, because this is their land. Same with China. Yes, chinese here may be more civilised than malays. But say, in China where it is the real original land of Chinese, you will find lots of them very kampung- just like the malays in Malaysia here. Same thing with India.

    Anyway, I’m disgressing. Point is, alot of these Malays are like kampung/country minded in the sense that they love to nitpick things, most of the time without any real knowledge about the subject.

    Muslim Malay girl here.

    yoga love


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