Oct 2008

Of One of My Pet Peeves: Sharing Tables with Strangers

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This weekend cost for cialis has been crazy…it is supposed to be a long weekend, but I am far from feeling rested. Instead, I am feeling harried because cytotec amoxil 500mg inducing labor I have two assignments due this coming Friday and both of them are still not done. Worse, I am supposed to finish up one of them by tomorrow because my group member would like to discuss about Order Generic Levitra Online without Prescription it.

But in the name of procrastination, I am going to blog about something I observed this weekend =p

Singapore is getting more and more crowded. If I step into the city during weekends, I will feel as with I am trapped within human traffic from all direction. Not to mention the weather has been really humid recently, so it made me feel all sticky and frustrated easily. I hate to admit it, but air-conditioner has now become a must rather than a luxury item. When I am outdoor, I can’t wait to escape into a shopping mall just to enjoy the cool blast of air inside.

After walking around for a while, it is time for us to take a break and we headed to the nearest food court for a tea break. Horror of horrors, the food court was very crowded as well. And it was not even dinner time yet. We managed to find a table to sit down at, and proceeded to order some drinks and food. Just as we were about to settle down, a couple came over and asked if they could share the table with us.

Now this leads me to the question I have been wondering about: Am I the only buying kamagra online one who is really bothered about sharing the table I am at with strangers during meal time?

It had happened to us once before. We were thinking of having tea time in Toast Box after a few hours of shopping but the seating area was really limited. The tables are really small, most of them could only accommodate two people and all of them were full when we arrived there. So we waited around and managed to get a table after a while. Soon after we placed our order on the table, a couple came over to ask if they could share the space with us.

I said no.The couple was evidently unhappy about my decision, and they could be heard talking about how selfish I was to another customer nearby, who was buy mg propecia sitting alone and allowed them to share the table with her.

The reason why I said no was because the table has limited space and our cups and plates have already occupied around 3/4 of it. So I could not see how we could share it with another couple, who most probably will be ordering food and drinks as well. And all of us will be huddled on the small table, trying to eat and drink without bumping onto each other. Not the most comfortable situation, I would say.

And during meal time, I had this tendency to talk or chit-chat with whoever I happened to be eating with. With strangers around the table, I often find that the mood to talk is no longer there, and all of us will just end up eating silently and staring into our own plates when we are done. Hence I actually don’t mind sharing table if I am eating alone. But I do not know why I mind so much when I have company…

Do you mind if you have to share the table with strangers during meal time? Especially when you are eating together with your friends or family?



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  1. last time, i would have minded. cause like what you mentioned, the mood to talk would have died down. it’s like, if you are with your friends or family or even colleagues, whatever you have chatted about is supposed to be just within that circle right? however, with a stranger there, it’s going to be oh so awkward especially if you are ranting about someone else.

    however, now that i am beginning to get used to talking to strangers, i find that i would welcome strangers to sharing my table space. think about it. i’m a financial consultant. if the stranger doesn’t want to share my table space after all… yay me! and if he still wants, potential client huh? :)


  2. Haha true…I guess I just have to get used to it. I have to get used to talking and ignoring the stranger on the table and console myself that at least he or she doesn’t know who I am talking about…

    But I admit, if I am sitting alone and a few people join my table, soon out of boredom, I will be eavesdropping their conversation :P



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