Oct 2008

Old In-game videos

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I was sorting out my files in my computer and I came across these gems. These are the game videos for games which I played previously on my computer a couple of years back. Very surprised that they are still in my cytotec dosage harddisk after like…. 3-4 reformat attempts? Lol…really speaks on how I keep my files and folders right? haha.


World of Warcraft

Kazzak Kill

A video capturing our buy antibiotics online guild (13Apostles) ‘raid’ on one of the world bosses Kazzak. Makes me really miss my moonkin. But too bad, WoW consumes too much of my time.
Note: Video has no sound



cialis online online pharmacy rel=”shadowbox;width=640;height=480″ title=”Hinokakera”>Buy Levitra alt=”Hinokakera” src=”https://rin-wendy.com/videos/hinokakera.jpg” class=”alignnone” width=”400″ height=”300″ />

One of the great Japanese dojin fighting games out in the kamagra supplier market now. Hinokakera is a 3D fighting game which has cool moves and unique characters.


Fatal /Fake


Another great 3D dojin fighter. Fatal/Fake is one of the best dojin game for the popular dojin visual novel, Fate Stay Night. Most of the character special moves in the anime remains in this game. This video is my first combo video i need to buy propecia to ever grace the internet lolz. It’s still up in youtube haha.



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