Oct 2008


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I was kinda bored from reading tonnes of journals and writing my Ed Psychology essay so I decided to surf around aimlessly…that’s when I stumbled upon this site: Photofunia

It is a pretty fun site which will add some great effects to your pictures…so if you are a camwhore like me (well, I used to be but I think I have sort of outgrown it lately…maybe not! :p ), I think you will enjoy it as much as me!

Some of the pictures which I have generated from the site:

cytotec tablet height=”300″ />

Order Generic Levitra Professional Online without Prescription wp-image-13″ title=”Cats Staring at Moi” src=”https://rin-wendy.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/photofunia_b61c-259×300.jpg” alt=”This has got to be my fave one out of the 3 that I have generated…” width=”259″ buy merck propecia height=”300″ />

This has got to be my fave one out of the 3 that I have generated...

Loves this one too...

Try it out if you got time or if you want to procrastinate!



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  1. [...] was fun! If you like this, head on over to PhotoFunia to try it out. Props to Wendy of rin-wendy.com for this awesome way to waste time find. [...]

    Whoo hoo!! « alexisthetiny

  2. http://www.SillyScenes.com has another 1,000 templates to make funny pics with your photos.


  3. Well, there’s another similar site http://deefunia.com . I bet you’ll like it.


  4. I think I could spend a whole evening entertaining myself with these websites and I definitely feel like there might be some abuse in order for my friends pics.



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