Nov 2008

Pigeoned-holed in Work…

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Just came back from meeting with a potential lead. The encounter had set me thinking. Throughout Cheap Levitra Super Active+ all these years of creative dabbling, I am being molded into a designer whose specialisation and focus is not on design. I strive on functionality and front-end development rather than dabble with brushes and image editing tools.

Back to the meet up. What has set me into thinking that? It is a very simple question posted to me by my potential client.

“Do you have any other design work that is not a collaboration but rather 100% created by yourself? Other than the and portfolio site” (I got my lead from by the way, and the client likes it a lot.)





It has dawned upon me that all these years as a designer, people had been finding me with work mostly not on design but on design integration. I cut up whole designs into functional websites, purchase propecia online create flash frameworks for designers to build their multimedia presentations, script and code custom templates like this very website. 95% of my entire portfolio is screaming…”Rin – Major: Front-End Web development, Minor: Web Design”.





I guess this is what turns out for me in the end. A web specialist whom is good in front-end development/flash actionscript (almost to a programmer) and an average Joe in the design department. Throughout the freelancing community in the web, many had the same kind of problem too. I have heard good designers who are so good in creating WordPress templates that no one approach them for any other job other than a WordPress gig. Guess you all know what online kamagra it leads to, a showcase with only WordPress themes and nothing else. Does this mean that they have no other talent other than creating WordPress themes?





To put it in simpler gaming terms (I am a gamer at heart haha), cialis rezeptfrei let us use the group holy trinity which we find in almost every MMORPG out there. We have a tank which protects the entire party, a healer who heals the party and an attacker cytotec who dishes out damage to the enemies while they engage the tank. All these 3 characters a deeply focused in their area of specialisation. They are good at doing what they do best, but at the very basic…they are still, a character. Which can still attack, defend and do some degree of healing. It may not be as good as the field the character is specialised in but it is still doable.

So, a designer who is specialised in a programming field does not mean they cannot create good designs. The designs they create may not be as nice as seasoned designer whom is specialised in that field, but they are still considered, at the very basic, a creative personnel who strives on design. Just need the opportunity to hone their skills in buy amoxicillin generic that department.

All hope is not lost. At least I can still market myself as front-end developer who knows design.

P.S. I am druid btw in WoW. What irony haha.



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